Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 RECAP

The Alexandrians have gotten the feeling that Rick isn’t their biggest fan, someone might want to make a Home Depot run, and we finally get some answers about Glenn.

Stayin’ Alive

Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 SUMMARIZED - Glenn

I’m back, bitches and I’ve brought balloons!

GLENN IS ALIVE!!!!!  Episode over. See you next week.

Just kidding. As rabid fans have been speculating for the past few weeks, Glenn survived Nicholas’ stupidity. Did the show pull off Glenn’s miraculous survival?

Eh…. Sure, it was kind of plausible (only kind of) but I don’t know that the show runners pulled off the dramatic hat trick. First off, there were hundreds of walkers, and they only focused on Nicholas’ body: There wasn’t enough Nicholas to go around for all the hungry walkers, so strike one. Second, Glenn was able to not only slide a little too easily under that dumpster, but the walkers dispersed in the morning. In fact, when Glenn was yelling for Enid, no walkers came running. What happened? Were the walkers all gathering to watch the game, and vacated the area entirely? Sure, audiences got Glenn back, but it was an empty calorie resolution at best.

The Walking Dead has been a show that has never had a problem getting rid of major characters, but by choosing to tease out Glenn’s death to create buzz, does it set a bad precedent? This cast is already huge, and even major characters disappear for episodes on end (welcome back, Michonne) or in some cases have little to do despite being regulars that we are supposed to care about (thanks for stopping by for that one scene, Rosita!) By saving Glenn, the show is basically saying that from here on in, Rick’s group will survive no matter how absurd the situation because audiences like them. There is enough going on in the story, that the show doesn’t need to jerk its audiences around. I’m happy Glenn is still alive, but I’d have preferred a better executed plotline.

Smells Like Teen Meh

Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 SUMMARIZED - Carl

Ladies, love my hat game

Just as we speculated, Ron has a plan, it involves a gun, and it’s bad news for Carl. Rick’s so eager to win over Bland Jessie’s surly teen that he’s giving the kid shooting lessons with an assist from Ron’s frenemy and romantic rival, Carl. We’re not worried about Carl, but this won’t end well for Ron. Do we even care?

Oh good, we get the return of sullen Enid who runs into Glenn. Sorry, Glenn but if Enid doesn’t want to go back to the Safe-Zone, then let her. Not everyone wants to be saved, and despite being a minor, at some point, shouldn’t those choices be respected? Look how well trying to save Nicholas went, Glenn. Maybe just stop, and let fly your 99 Green Balloons for Maggie.