Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 RECAP

You Say All Life is Precious, We Say WTF?

Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 SUMMARIZED - Carol

Thanks to Carol, baby Judith is learning to say “Dada” and how to conceal a weapon in her diaper.

Rick brings Morgan in for a chat about his RV attack. Carol and Michonne (we’ve missed you, ladies) are both there. It’s not an angry confrontation, and Rick isn’t there to point fingers, but he honestly can’t understand WHY Morgan would have allowed those Wolves to go free. Morgan explains his “life is precious” argument and credits his philosophy with helping him to change and saving his life. He says that people change, and he’s not wrong, but Michonne rightly points out that it’s not that simple.

While Morgan’s argument has merit, he’s not factoring in that some people aren’t worth saving because they don’t want to be saved. The Wolves have shed their humanity and wear it as a badge of pride. Sure, there may be the odd Wolf that is worth taking a risk on, but do you want to take that chance when your life and the lives of others are on the line? Morgan’s mentor Eastman was a skilled judge of human character because that was his job, but Morgan is not. He’s like any new convert, he sees his philosophy in only black and white terms but is missing the nuance that Michonne sees.

Morgan reaches out to Dr. Denise this episode for help with his injured Wolf prisoner, but Rick’s got him on edge and he’s hesitant to involve her. Denise, who has become more confident in her abilities accompanies Morgan. However, Carol sees them, and that’s not good.

This whole season has been building towards a clash between Carol and Morgan, and at the end of the episode she demands that he show her what he’s hiding. Carol tells Bland Jessie’s son Sam – he’s worried that his father would come back as a monster, though one could argue that he already was one – and she tells him, “the only thing that prevents you from becoming a monster is killing.” It is a chilling sentiment, but after what Carol has been through and seen in this world, it is also a reality of the post-apocalypse. Both Rick and Michonne were willing to talk things out with Morgan, but Carol was noticeably silent during that meeting. She’s not going to be silent for long.

Rick has a point when he asks Morgan how long he expects to be able to keep his hands from getting bloody.

At one point Morgan asks Rick if he should go. Rick obviously doesn’t want to send his friend away, but I have no doubt Carol would. This captured Wolf could mean exile for Morgan, and conflict down the road for the two friends, but with all the mayhem at the wall, this issue may have to be tabled till next year.

He doesn’t like us. He really REALLY doesn’t like us

Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 SUMMARIZED -Rick

Rick hasn’t exactly made a secret of his disgust for the average Alexandria resident, and he’s not wrong, because for the most part they are a waste of real estate. However, he needs all hands on deck and this whole “us against them” mentality isn’t working for the rest of his crew.

When Rick and Michonne put their heads together to figure out a plan to disperse the walkers from the Safe-Zone walls, she points out that they need to trust the Alexandrians to help them because they are all neighbors. Tobin will later ask Rick not to give up on the Alexandrians, and explains that he scared them, but Alexandria is grateful to Rick. Rick wants to be alone, but Tobin is going to help him because that is what community does. When Spencer decides to rappel over the wall, and Tara helps by shooting at the horde. Rick is angry because Tara risked her life to help “these people.” Spencer may be a petulant a** but he does have a point when he says Rick doesn’t seem like he’s willing to listen to other people’s ideas. Rick tries to tell Deanna that he only saved her son because of his respect for her, but she knows better: despite his protestations, Rick didn’t kill Spencer because he’s not a killer and he is a part of the Safe-Zone community. This storyline was a bit heavy-handed, we get it, Rick is going to have to adjust his attitude and it’ll have to be sooner rather than later.

As the newly appointed, but un-elected leader of the Safe-Zone the Alexandrians are coming around to a Rick regime, but how long will that last if he continues to show his disdain for his neighbors? He doesn’t even have the support of his group any more, except for maybe Carol, so Rick is going to have to accept his role as leader or step aside.