Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 RECAP

Brains to Chew On (a.k.a. Final Thoughts)

Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 SUMMARIZED - Morgan

Not sure if aikido is going to get me out of this pickle

Because the characters on this show aren’t allowed to have nice things, they all only get a moment to celebrate Glenn’s signal before the watch tower falls and takes down a piece of the wall. How did NO ONE notice the crumbling building? Either way, the midseason finale next week is going to be a doozy. Let’s hope someone in the Safe-Zone has time to make a Home Depot run.

How contrived was it that not only did Glenn find the Alexandrian who was bitten and needed to get back to his wife, but find the letter? Sorry, but there is no way that a piece of toilet paper would have survived all those walker feet. Symbolism trumps reality.

How cute was it when Morgan quizzed Dr. Denise on her medical knowledge? More scenes with these two, please.

Rick hates religion and Father Gabriel. We agree that Father Gabriel kind of sucks, but let the man hang his flyers, Rick. No need to be a d**k.

Deanna seems to have recovered. She gives Rick her plans for the Alexandria expansion, because there will be an “after.” Tobin also expresses hope for a future under Rick’s rule. Will this optimism collapse like the wall, or will the Alexandrians surprise Rick and fight for their home and their future?

Glenn and Enid also have philosophical differences. Glenn: “You honor the dead by going on. You live because they don’t get to. You thinks your parents would want you to wave around a gun because you were afraid?” Versus Enid “The world is trying to die, we’re supposed to just let it.”