Who is the Justice League Movie Villain? 5 Reasons Darkseid is the Best Choice

Darkseid is a formidable opponent for the Justice League, but that’s not the only reason he would be the best villain for the film.

Justice League Movie Villain 1

Recently, casting website My Entertainment World posted details implying that Lord of the war planet Apokolips, Darkseid, would be the villain of the upcoming Justice League: Part One. This would come as no surprise considering Darkseid has often been the Justice League’s main antagonist as a team in comics (event titles such as Final Crisis and currently Darkseid War) and in other media (TV’s Smallville, Young Justice, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold as well as animated films Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, and Justice League: War).

While this news has little to truly verify it, it seems more likely when coupled with the earlier theory surrounding Brainiac and Darkseid each having a film. Whether the news is correct or not, there is very good reason to believe Darkseid will be the Justice League movie villain. That’s because he would be the best villain for the Justice League.

Since his creation in 1970, Darkseid has been an ultimate power in the DC universe, so it only makes sense to bring this signature villain to the team’s big screen debut. Not only is he one of DC’s premier bad guys, but a direct competitor to Marvel’s upcoming big bad, Thanos. Both are god-like, throned beings with powers well beyond the heroes they fight. And, of course, Thanos is based on Darkseid.

"One's purple and gold and the other is grey and blue - they are nothing alike!"

“One’s purple and gold and the other is grey and blue – they are nothing alike!”

In the DC comics universe Darkseid is considered a god (specifically a New God), which, in universe, is more of a power designation than an affiliation with religion. The implications are that Darkseid has power beyond the realm of almost all other beings in the universe, making him a formidable challenge for the Justice League even as a group. And as individuals, Darkseid holds great power over each superhero.

5) Superman & Wonder Woman

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On Earth, Superman’s physical strength is unmatched by any hero or villain. Likewise, Wonder Woman has the strength of a demi god, a formidable power in any circle. But Darkseid’s power is beyond both of these heroes. While Superman’s strength is nearly a match for the New God, the Kryptonian is not invulnerable when it comes to Darkeid’s main weapon, Omega Beams (a power similar to Clark’s Heat Vision). While a battle between these heroes and Darkseid would be a suitable challenge, the Apokaliptian has the ability to completely destroy Superman and Wonder Woman despite their strength – a feat not easily managed.

Beyond “who would win in a fight,” Darkseid is an appropriate match for Wonder Woman as a World Leader. Diana is first and foremost a diplomat as a civilian and as a superhero, which makes her an apt hero to face off against a powerful dictator like Darkseid. Not only would Wonder Woman have to hold her own in a fist fight with the New God, but also as a politician.

Not only that, Wonder Woman herself comes from godhood. The New Gods, of which Darkseid considers himself the most formidable, derive their name from the existence of the Old Gods, who, in DC comic’s universe are those of classical Greek and Roman mythology. Diana would represent a challenge to Darkseid’s status as a god making the interaction all the more intriguing.

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We already know a theme of the upcoming Batman v Superman will be the matter of Superman’s existence as a “god” of sorts in the world of the DCEU. Not only would Darkseid continue that theme, if only in demonstrating the worst possible scenario, he would also challenge the notion that Superman is a god at all.