Will Into the Badlands Trailers Repopularize Martial Arts?

AMC is hoping that audiences are ready for some realness

Into the Badlands was created by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, best known for creating Smallville. The series is loosely based on “Journey to the West,” one of the great classical novels of Chinese literature.

This genre-bending show is a little bit Western, some film noir, a dash of steampunk, and a whole lot of martial arts. The story is set a the future society where a feudal society has emerged after civilization is destroyed by an apocalyptic event. The world of the Badlands is divided between seven rival Barons who each control an army of assassins known as Clippers.

The main protagonist of the story is Sunny (Daniel Wu) a Clipper with a fearsome reputation that owes fealty to Baron Quinn whose power is being challenged by the new power player on the Baron block, The Widow.

Things get complicated for Sunny when he rescues a teenage boy M.K. who is harboring a dark secret that could either tear the Badlands apart or bring enlightenment.

AMC has shown a willingness to counter-balance its critically acclaimed, but low-rated dramas with genre-heavy series. The network is betting that marrying Westerns (a steady genre for their movie watching audience) with martial arts will be a draw for audiences looking for something a bit different on Sunday nights. It also helps to have Gough and Millar onboard as showrunners, who bring their own geek cred and built-in audience to the table. If you ever wondered what would happen if Quentin Tarantino and Firefly had a baby then Into the Badlands is worth a look. Come for the walkers and stay for the Clippers, Barons and a** kicking.

Into the Badlands premieres on November 15 at 10 pm