Will Gendry Appear in Game of Thrones Season 6? [SPOILERS]

The popular character could be back


Gendry is a bastard of late King Robert Baratheon. He traveled with Arya all of Season 2 and much of Season 3. The Brotherhood Without Banners turned him over to the Lady Melisandre who stole his blood. But before Gendry could be sacrificed, Ser Davos Seaworth put him in a rowboat and told him to get as far away as he could. We haven’t seen him since and that was two seasons ago. Will Gendry appear in Game of Thrones Season 6? He definitively could and here’s why…

He’s Not Still Rowing

Rowing since season 3

Gendry is still rowing out there somewhere. For three years. Or maybe he drowned. They made sort of a big deal that he couldn’t swim and Ser Davos told him to row for several days before going to land in case Melisandre tried to find him. Which she didn’t at all. She was just sort of like, “eh, whatever.” So maybe the boat sank and Gendry is dead.

Only, that makes no narrative sense. Why would you have a character who appears to be pretty important, and then set them adrift and never mention them again, leaving them to drown off camera? That would be crazy even by George R. R. Martin standards. But let’s face it, Robert’s bastards have to play some part in the story going forward or else Gendry would already be dead, possibly at the hands of the Lady Melisandre in Season 3 or even Joffrey’s annihilation of the bastards in Season 2. Although it is a fun joke to think he’s been rowing for so long. Maybe he shows up in Meereen, he’s been rowing long enough. Eh. No? Moving on…

Gendry Can Forge Valyrian Steel?


Gendry is a black smith. It is possible he was taught to forge Valyrian steel, that substance that we know can kill White Walkers. The ability to forge Valyrian steel is rare. Tywin had to bring in a smith to melt down Ice, Ned’s long sword, into two swords. There are fan theories that Gendry will put Widow’s Wail, the sword Tywin gave Joffrey at his wedding before his poisoning, and Oath Keeper, Brienne’s sword, together to reform Ice. This is all predicated on Gendry having rare and ancient knowledge, but why give Gendry that particular skill if it isn’t going to become important? And if Gendry can forge Valyrian steel he would be a major asset when the White Walkers come.

He made an important appearance in A Feast for Crows

lady stoneheart

We don’t want to give away too much, but Gendry showed up in the fourth novel, A Feast for Crows, and did something with pretty major repercussions for a POV character. It is possible that it could happen the same way in the TV series if they choose to add the character of Lady Stoneheart. If the creators stick to their story and do not have any Lady Stoneheart then Gendry could show up any number of other places. In support of this not happening;  at least on the show it wouldn’t really make sense for him to go back to the Brotherhood Without Banners when they gave him away to Melisandre. So even if it does happen it would likely be a different character in his stead.

The King’s Bastard


In the novels Gendry is one of several of King Robert’s bastards. They have combined his character with another bastard on the show so it is likely that if another of Robert’s bastards shows up in the books the role will be filled by Gendry. Also if Gendry is the only son of Robert Baratheon he technically has a claim to the throne. Gendry is also the only living Baratheon. Renly’s been dead almost as long as Robert. In the Season 5 finale, “Mother’s Mercy,” Selyse hung herself, Shireen was burned the episode before, and Stannis was apparently killed by Brienne. Unless there is some fast cut shenanigans going on as some believe Gendry’s the end of the line. Aside from him the Baratheon line is extinct. Which means he technically has a claim to the throne. Only he’d have to be legitimized. Perhaps by Jon Stark, the King in the North? That’s a huge “what if,” though. It could happen but maybe there is another way Gendry could have a claim to the throne…

Gendry is Legitimate?

RNS Entertainment responds to a video by James of Thrones about Gendry being Cersei and Robert’s only legitimate child. In the scene from Season 1 above Cersei mentions that they had a miscarriage. The theory claims it wasn’t a miscarriage and that Cersei actually had a living child but gave it up because it was Robert’s. RNS adds to the theory that Robert and Cersei act like Zeus and Hera in Greek myth and Cersei giving Gendry away would parallel the birth of Hephaestus, the Greek God of Fire and Blacksmiths. So if Gendry is the only legitimate child of Robert and Cersei he has a damn good claim on the Iron Throne. Only how to make people believe the truth? Gendry has grown up a commoner and very likely none of the lords would follow him. But what if he met up with Jon Stark and Jon believed his story? Stark and Baratheon could go to war again, just like Robert’s Rebellion.

Gendry and Arya Get Married?

gendry arya

If Gendry is legitimate then he and Arya could marry uniting the Stark and Baratheon families. This sounds nice and all, but probably unlikely. Arya is becoming a Faceless Assassin and has repeatedly said she has no interest in being a princess or anything remotely like that, but this is a fan theory. But it wouldn’t make all that much sense in the narrative. But who knows, Martin could make it happen, (she was supposed to have a thing with Jon Snow in the original outline, *shudders,* what’s with Martin and incest?).

Where's Gendry

Since he probably isn’t going back to the Brotherhood on the show, Gendry could show up anywhere. He’s at least the son of Robert Baratheon, maybe Cersei as well, and on the show he is a composite character for a bunch of bastards. It is likely if not completely certain he will return at some point. But we have a lot going on in Season 6 if the leaked photos are anything to go by. So he may not return in Season 6. He may be doomed to forever row away from Dragonstone, escaping from a woman who has completely forgotten he existed. Oh, the agony. We’ll see when Game of Thrones returns.