Will Sansa Kill Ramsay on Game of Thrones Season 6?

A new report puts four unlikely characters together in Winterfell. Will it finally happen? Will Sansa kill Ramsay?

A new report from Watchers on the Wall tells us about a specific scene in Game of Thrones Season 6. Spoilers for Season 6 and possibly The Winds of Winter follow. There are no pictures, so all we have to go on is the report, which states that Ramsay Bolton, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, and Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish filmed a scene together in the courtyard of Winterfell.

The Boltons hold Winterfell in the wake of the Season 5 finale.

The Boltons hold Winterfell in the wake of the Season 5 finale.

The scene is tense, which you would imagine would be the case after Sansa’s brutal rape by Ramsay, Littlefinger’s role in several Stark deaths, and this being Game of Thrones and all. The report goes on to state that a giant appears at the gates of Winterfell and a fight ensues. All this begs some serious questions, most importantly how did we get here? Or how did these four characters come together in Winterfell? Here’s how it could happen:


You remember this blood-thirsty psychopath...

You remember this blood-thirsty psychopath…

The Boltons held Winterfell for Season 5 and won the battle against Stannis in the finale. Of all the characters in this scene, Ramsay was always the most likely to be found in Winterfell. How did he get here? He just stuck around.

The disturbing reality is that one or more of these people could be his prisoner. Jon, Sansa, and/or Littlefinger could be Ramsay’s prisoner(s), but it is also possible that Ramsay is Jon’s prisoner. (*Fingers crossed on that one*) Either way, with the giant arriving and Ramsay there, it seems likely that blood will flow in Winterfell once again.


Littlefinger made a political alliance with the Boltons, but is that why he's here?

Littlefinger made a political alliance with the Boltons, but is that why he’s here?

In Season 5 Littlefinger basically sold Sansa to the Boltons for a claim on the North. Then he was recalled to King’s Landing leaving her alone in Ramsay’s clutches (except for Theon/Reek and Brienne, who basically did nothing to help her). At the moment, Petyr is still in King’s Landing, but it seems that in Season 6 he will once again use his magic travel powers to traverse Westeros faster than any man alive and return to Winterfell. The only question is why?

The Boltons, particularly Ramsay, are going to be pissed when they realize Sansa and Theon are missing. To some extent they would probably blame Littlefinger, as he brokered the deal that brought Sansa back to Winterfell in the first place. One possible explanation is that Littlefinger has no idea Sansa has escaped and stumbles into Winterfell believing that all is well. Whether or not the Boltons then physically restrain him, he could be trapped in the Northern stronghold until Jon and Sansa arrive.

It is also possible Petyr came to Winterfell knowing of Sansa’s escape in an attempt to salvage his alliance with the Boltons. That would be extremely risky, however, and Littlefinger usually avoids violent confrontation (i.e. getting close to an angry Ramsay isn’t his M.O.). So the first choice seems more likely.


Was Sansa recaptured immediately?

Was Sansa recaptured immediately?

Well, there is a pretty obvious way Sansa could be back at Winterfell. She and Theon jumped off the walls of Winterfell in the Season 5 finale in an attempt to escape Ramsay, but snow banks are only so thick. Even if she didn’t die, a broken leg is awfully hard to run away on. Sansa and Theon’s jump was meant to be a cliffhanger, and it would be pretty cheap to have the two survive and then immediately be recaptured. But how else would Sansa be back in Winterfell?

There is another way. In the books Ramsay sends Jon Snow a letter on pink paper. In it he said, “Your false king is dead, bastard…I want my bride back…and I want my Reek.” In the novel A Dance with Dragons, Jon rallied the Night’s Watch to attack Winterfell following the arrival of this pink letter, which is what led to the mutiny where he was stabbed four times. But even if the pink letter isn’t a part of the show it tells us something: Sansa and Theon have probably escaped successfully. Why would Ramsay ask for Theon and his wife back if he had already recaptured them? The show hasn’t been afraid to change up plotlines from the books, but keeping Sansa in Ramsay’s clutches seems like a pretty big change to make.

We also know from The Winds of Winter sample chapter that Sansa and Theon reached Stannis’s army. Since Stannis’s army is already defeated in the show this won’t happen (at least the same way), but they could head North to the Wall and there meet up with a newly resurrected Jon. Sansa could return to Winterfell with Jon and an army.

But there is also the absolutely amazing possibility that Sansa finally comes into her own and murders Ramsay, whether upon return to Winterfell with Jon or upon her recapture. It has been a long road with Sansa. We saw her as a naive young girl who wanted to marry Joffrey, who we thought was the worst psychopath in Westeros (then we met Ramsay), we saw her lose the people closest to her, we saw her repeatedly fall and get back up, but this could be the moment where we see her open Ramsay’s throat. So come on, girl, kill that bastard…


Jon Snow bleeding out in the Season 5 finale.

Jon Snow bleeding out in the Season 5 finale.

The last time we saw Jon Snow he wasn’t looking so good. But chances are he will be resurrected by Melisandre come Season 6, his Targaryen heritage could be revealed, and Jon could become the new King in the North. The ultimate goal would be to bring the Night’s Watch, the Wildlings, and the North together under Jon’s leadership. Assuming this all happens, he would be in a pretty good position to march on Winterfell some time in Season 6. Granted that’s a big “if,” but let’s assume that all happens. Then Sansa and Theon arrive at the Wall or meet him on his way to Winterfell. That would get all four characters into Winterfell together, but that begs the question of what exactly is going on in this scene.

Is Jon returning to Winterfell as the Boltons’ conqueror? God, I hope so, but likely not. King’s Landing would have to do something if they heard the North was mobilizing. Granted, they are busy fighting among themselves and imprisoning each other, but not even Cersei would be stupid enough to not do anything if the North is joining under Jon Snow (particularly if he’s got a better surname now) against their Bolton allies. But assuming it takes some time to put their troubles aside and do something, it could give Jon time enough get the North together and attack Winterfell.

But if it’s before an attack, this could be a meeting to make a treaty. Jon is a man of peace, he knows who the real enemy is, and he could be giving the Boltons a chance to surrender in the hopes they’d join his cause. This meeting could take place inside Winterfell because it is a trap planned by Ramsay. But Jon is no longer as naive as he was before (dying will do that to you) and the giant could be Jon’s security against Ramsay killing him during their parlay. Or the giant appearing might end the peace talk a la Aragon beheading the Mouth of Sauron in the extended edition of The Return of the King.

He's smiling. That means he likes you.

He’s smiling. That means he likes you.

The main point is that for Jon to die in Season 5, be resurrected and then killed in Season 6 would make no sense. So even if it is a trap, fear more for Sansa.

If this scene actually takes place it begs a few questions. Where is Theon? He was with Sansa last we saw. Where is Roose Bolton? He was at Winterfell defending it against Stannis last we saw. Where is Ser Davos? Did he join with Jon? Did Jon send him off to find Rickon?

All we can hope is that Sansa finally fights back against one of her attackers and ends the life of Ramsay Bolton once and for all. Is that too much to ask? Well, this is Game of Thrones after all. So she may have her head chopped off. It’s happened before.

Ned loses his head.

Ned loses his head.

But we’ve spent a lot of time with Sansa so it would seem odd to start her down this path only to kill her now. Unless she comes back as Lady Stoneheart. That would be pretty cool and would also strangely make sense with her character arc. We’ll just have to wait and see.