X-Men Reboot: Top 5 Storylines After Apocalypse

Where can Fox go in the future X-films?

Big changes are coming for the X-Men movie-verse. X-Men Apocalypse is promising to be the final piece in this big multi-movie reboot that started with X-Men: First Class which is good because large swathes of the cast are bowing out. Jackman has stated that his 2017 Wolverine movie will be his last. Jennifer Lawrence’s is out as Mystique. Fassbender and MacAvoy are rumored to leave soon and their timeline counterparts, Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart can’t stay in their roles forever.

But lets a take a negative and turn it into a positive. An X-Men reboot is just what this fifteen year old franchise needs. X-Men: Days of Future Past has already seeded the concept of alternate timelines and I expect next years movie to cement the idea. We have fresh new faces for most of the main cast, and now we just need the stories to back them up. So lets get into it:

We gonna be talkin’ spoilers, not for the new movies but for comics which may become future movies. Since I’m always 100% right.

New X-men

New XMen
Our first movie after X-Men Apocalypse needs to be a back to roots X-Men adventure so where better to look than Grant Morrison’s early 2000 reboot of the comics. It concerned itself with the X-Men as teachers and the face of mutants. It also introduces some great characters like Quentin Quire, a powerful telepath with a rebellious streak, or Cassandra Nova, Professor X’s really messed up evil twin.  Oh did I mention the love triangle between Cyclops, Jean, and Emma Frost? Yea, this one’s got it all.


Uncanny X-Force


Rumblings about this one have been around for years, the red-hot 2010 Uncanny X-Force books centered around a secret “black-ops” version of the X-Men that do the dirty deeds the public facing X-Men can’t. How awesome does that sound? Our team starts with a secret kill mission on a young reborn Apocalypse and ends traveling through time and meeting/clashing with alternate versions of themselves. (Fighting your evil, future self is a long running theme with these guys.) It has a rotating squad with Wolverine, Deadpool (A perfect way to fit Ryan Reynolds in), Archangel, and Psylocke being popular mainstays.

And let’s talk Wolverine for a second. While Jackman is vacating the role soon, the X-Men storylines revolve too heavily around the hairball. Most of the X-Men’s big stories feature Wolverine to this day, which tells me that a recast is incoming. Whomever they cast better get in shape because they will probably have to fight Hugh Jackman in a cameo a few years down the line.

All-New X-Men/Battle of the Atom

Xmen Battle of the Atom

All-New X-Men feature a young Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel, and Beast being, you guessed it, RIPPED through time to a future where Wolverine and Cyclops battle over the future of mutant-kind. This would make a GREAT set piece movie down the road and a great way to get the old and new casts together for one last handshake. If they follow the plot long enough eventually there is a very cool cross over with Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy!


Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

If Brian Singer is to be believed, he had been planning towards the famous Dark Phoenix saga ever since his original X-movies but then X- Men 3 happened. But no worries, because X-Men 3 has now UN-happened which means Singer is free to take a crack at this again the right way. The story of Jean Greys burgeoning powers threatening to consume everything is a classic in X-Men lore and Jean Grey’s character has been synonymous with the Dark Phoenix tragedy ever since. To recast Jean Grey and NOT going into this story is like going to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert and they only play, like, That Smell.

X-Men: Schism


This is the day that Wolverine and Cyclops deep ideological differences  force them, and the X-Men, apart. Ending with a down and dirty fight at the feet of some angry Sentinels, this arc recasts our two heroes as the inheritors of Professor X and Magnetos legacies though you may be surprised at who ends where.

Since we’ve talked about how the role of Magneto would be emptying soon, the X-Men are forever in dire need of a memorable villain who’s motives and actions you may not agree with, but you understand. Cyclops has filled that role in recent years and it’s been one of the most dramatic and BEST things to happen to the guy.

“Maybe if you’d stop stealing his cars and changing his radio you could get along better.”

I’m really excited for X-Men: Apocalypse to not only conclude this reboot trilogy but also to give us a glimpse of where the X-Men go from here. Looking at their popular stories it looks like the future is dark for the X-Men which is a very good thing for movie-goers.