5 Dead Game of Thrones Characters That Will Affect Season 6

Only death can pay for life. Here’s how 6 dead characters who are still alive in the books will affect the living on season 6 of Game of Thrones.


There are currently three characters who are dead in the books but still alive on the show. Chances are they will bite the dust in Season 6 as the show completely surpasses the book series.

However, there are a whole lot more people who are dead on the show but still alive in the books. A lot of those deaths are incidental and probably won’t change that much going forward, but some will cause serious deviations from the source material. Here are six characters who died on Game of Thrones but are still alive in the books, and how their storylines could give us a glimpse of what’s to come in season 6. Spoilers for season 5 and the book series follow…

5. Jojen Reed

I die! What?!

I die! What?!

Jojen had the ability to see the future, and in the show apparently even foresaw his own death (back at the end of season 4). But in the books the Wight attack that killed him on the doorstep of the Three Eyed Raven’s abode didn’t happen, and Jojen is very much alive.

This actually hints at something significant. When the show kills off a character, it’s usually to condense a storyline (or multiple storylines) because the show doesn’t have as much time to spend on each character as the books do. For Bran, season 4 was all about getting to the Three Eyed Raven, and Jojen was a big help with that. He helped Bran, and both Jojen and his sister Meera helped watch over Bran.

Without Jojen, Bran has one fewer ally to help him escape danger. Which in the twisted Game of Thrones logic we’ve come to expect probably mean Bran will be in danger, and not just learning from the Three Eyed Raven Luke-and-Yoda style.

Consider this: we believe the Three Eyed Raven to be a benevolent entity who will train Bran, but what if he isn’t? There are actually some pretty big hints that he won’t be the caring tutor Bran expects, and Game of Thrones always deals in shades of grey anyways. In the book, Jojen might figure it out first and start a slow burn ’til Bran and the rest fall into real trouble. But with Jojen out of the way the plot could be accelerated without having to account for Jojen’s foresight or general wisdom about mystical things, putting Bran in some very immediate danger and testing his new skills in a way he might not be ready for.

4. Catelyn Stark / Lady Stoneheart

Dead Game of Thrones Characters lady stoneheart

We’ve already spoken about Lady Stoneheart in a previous article, so we’ll be brief here. The zombie-fied Catelyn Stark at the head of the Brotherhood Without Banners could easily become a major player. Right now, in the books she’s just taking out anyone remotely involved with the Red Wedding or who she feels betrayed her, but what if she sets her eyes on Winterfell? Lady Stoneheart could bring some justice to the murdered Starks. But there is hope, we haven’t seen Cat’s body, so she could re-appear in Season 6.

But even if Lady Stoneheart doesn’t ever appear in the show, her presence in the books could tell us a lot about what’s coming in season 6 of Game of Thrones. The Brotherhood Without Banners has cropped up a couple times, and they have a Red Priest in Thoros of Myr. Red priests/priestesses are taking a more central role in the narrative this year, so it could be we’ll see an active return of the Brotherhood in the chaos that’s about to ensue.

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