5 Things We Want in Splatoon 2

Nintendo has proved that it can still create a successful new IP, but when it comes to improving an already great game, there are a few steps still to be taken.

I hope somebody can turn into a sponge and clean up this mess.

I hope somebody can turn into a sponge and clean up this mess.

Splatoon is arguably one of the best games to come out of 2015. Taking such a simplistic concept of swimming through your own paint ink is something so unique that it makes me wonder how in the world Nintendo came up with it.

When the game launched, however, there was a bit of complaining that it had a lack of content (largely reflected in its limited selection of maps and weapons). Luckily, Nintendo was well aware of this and consistently released many free updates to add more modes, stages, and weapons to the popular shooter. All good things must come to an end though. It has been revealed that next month will mark the end of Splatoon updates.

Now that we’re near to the complete package of Splatoon, it’s hard not to guess what Nintendo would have in mind for future installments. After all, a sequel is all but confirmed. When Splatoon 2 finally comes, here are five things we want to be added in the game.

#5 – Voice Chat

"Dude, who are you talking to on those headphones?" "...No one..."

“Dude, who are you talking to on those headphones?”             “…No one…”

This was a big complaint regarding the multiplayer mode in Splatoon. Why would a game that focused on online play have no voice chat functionality whatsoever? All we’re left with are two buttons that allow us to say “Come on!” and “Booyah!”

Splatoon requires a lot of precision and cooperation between teammates to win a match, which is incredibly hindered by being unable to properly communicate. Nintendo probably left it out in the first place so stuff like this wouldn’t happen on a console they market as family friendly, but if you’re going to step into the online shooter space with a game that puts a premium on teamwork, chancing a few bad apples kind of comes with the territory.

Voice chat is a no-brainer for the next entry in the Splatoon franchise.

#4 – Better Map Rotation

I said better map rotation, not make the map itself rotate.

I said better map rotation, not make the map itself rotate. Although that’s kinda cool, too.

My biggest complaint about Splatoon is that when you get into an online match and stages are being selected for you to play, you’re only limited to two different stages at a time (three if you’re in a Splatfest). It’s disappointing because if the stages in rotation at the time are some you don’t particularly like, you’re stuck with them for the next few hours or so until they change. This is made even more infuriating by not giving players any influence over what maps gets chosen.

A map rotation system like in Mario Kart 8 would have been an immediate – and simple – step up. Randomly select stages from the entire roster and allow the players to vote on which one they want best.

#3 – Local and Online Co-op

Has anybody actually played this mode?

Has anybody actually played this mode?

When Splatoon was first announced, my immediate thought was that it could be a fantastic game to play on the couch with friends. And then I realized that it was single-player only (apart from the 1-on-1 versus mode). I was so puzzled as to why Nintendo would create such a great multiplayer experience and not allow you to play it locally.

On that note, another missed opportunity was failing to add co-op to the single-player campaign. It’s one of the best single-player experiences ever to be had in a shooter game. Period. How much better would it be to add some co-op missions to the fray, if not an entire cooperate campaign.

#2 – More Amiibo Support

Such detail!

Such detail!

The Splatoon series of Amiibo have some of the best functionality for Amiibo that I’ve seen. They add new missions and new costumes into the fray to further enhance the already massive amounts of content already present.

Why stop there? I would love to see some support for other Amiibo. Add some character-exclusive costumes to make the inklings look like Mario or Sonic. Possibly even add some special challenge missions based on beloved Nintendo franchises.

#1 – New Game Modes

Another day in Inkopolis.

Another day in Inkopolis.

Until you become level 10 in Splatoon, you’re relegated to only playing Turf War. After that, you can do ranked matches, where you get the inclusion of three new game modes (none of which you can choose might I add). These modes are Splat Zones, Rainmaker, and Tower Control.

And that’s it.

Granted, they’re all very enjoyable modes and help shake up the gameplay greatly, but opening up all the modes on a selectable basis and adding in even more would make Splatoon 2 feel like an even more complete experience. A juggernaut-type mode or some kind of firefight where you battle hordes of Octolings.

Splatoon is proof that Nintendo still has it when it comes to creating new and fun franchises. No, it isn’t perfect, but with a few tweaks and additions, it could really become a legendary entry in Nintendo’s long history.

What would you guys like to see in Splatoon 2? Did you enjoy the first one? Let us know down in the comments!

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