5 TV Shows Based on Horror Movies We Deserve to Get

A few other horror franchises we’d like to see follow in the footsteps of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Great horror movies at the box office may be few and far between nowadays, but it’s a golden age of horror on television. Shows like Hannibal, Bates Motel, and Ash vs. Evil Dead show there’s plenty of life left in horror franchises that have been dormant for years, as long as they’re put in the hands of creative television writers.

TV shows based on horror movies

Groovy, indeed.

Ash vs. Evil Dead in particular, in all of its gory and hilarious glory, has been a great example of how a horror movie franchise can be continued on the small-screen years after its last entry. It gives us hope that there are enterprising TV producers out there up for working the same black magic on these franchises.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street

TV shows based on horror moives

“Netflix and chill?”

Freddy Krueger was the boogeyman who gave every kid nightmares ’80s, but he slowly had his reputation ruined by poor sequels that made him into more of a punchline than a threat. The 2010 remake tried to bring Freddy back to his dark roots, but it just wasn’t very good.

Now it sounds like the next movie in the series will also be some sort of reboot. A new Nightmare on Elm Street TV series shouldn’t try to go down the anthology horror route that the franchise tried with its venture into TV back in the ’80s, but instead look to Bates Motel for inspiration. Imagine a series to follows a younger Freddy as he slowly gives into his psychotic urges, eventually becoming the burned terror we all know today.

4. Hellraiser

TV shows based on horror movies

Artist’s rendition of what your head will feel like after watching the later Hellraiser movies.

Similar to the Nightmare on Elm Street series, the Hellraiser movies started off with a terrific and terrifying concept that was dragged down into an incomprehensible mess in its later entries. Worse, they took a truly scary idea of amoral demons who could no longer tell the difference between pleasure and pain and turned them into run-of-the-mill movie monsters.

A Hellraiser series could bring back Clive Barker’s original vision for the Cenobites as they spend a season visiting a cast that solves the Lament configuration to fulfill their dark desires. Later seasons would always feature the puzzle box and connect to past seasons, but with brand new settings, similar to American Horror Story.

3. Tales From the Darkside

TV shows based on horror movies

Proving once again that cats are pure evil.

Tales from the Darkside absolutely ruled in the ’80s. The intro still gives chills to many of us who grew up watching it back in the day. And once the series ended its run, there was an equally awesome movie starring Blondie, which qualifies it for this list. While it seemed almost impossible to avoid horror anthology TV shows in the ’80s and ’90s like Tales from the Darkside, its impressive successor Monsters, or even less-entertaining offerings like the previously mentioned Nightmare on Elm Street show, it seems like the genre has all but disappeared from the airwaves in the new millennium. Sadly, an attempt at rebooting Tales From the Darkside was recently passed on by the CW, which deemed the horror anthology concept too “risky.”

But apparently the CW thinks Jane the Virgin is something people want to see.

2. Saw

TV shows based on horror movies

Bowties are also pretty evil.

The Saw movies are often derided as “torture porn” that over-emphasize gore and dumb down the expectations of horror fans. Yes, the movies are extremely bloody, but if you watch all seven of them, they actually tell a pretty good, cohesive story that will keep you guessing about who really is the Jigsaw Killer in each installment.

A Saw TV show could either act as a sequel to the film series that features a season-long search for the newest Jigsaw, or it could completely reboot the franchise with new twists and traps. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s on a premium channel or streaming service to ensure it retains the trademark gore.

1. George Romero’s Dead Franchise

TV shows based on horror movies

Pictured: Jane the Virgin fans.

Yes, The Walking Dead is great, and you could argue that it fills the need for a zombie TV show, but the weekly adventures of Rick Grimes and company lack the social commentary that made Romero’s early Dead films so enduring. A TV show set in Romero’s zombie universe would be almost like zombie Breaking Bad, using the undead menace an excuse to explore modern social ills. Plus, it would be interesting to see several seasons go by as the cast copes with zombies that seem to gain intelligence as time goes on, which could help the series stand out from The Walking Dead.

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