7 Walking Dead Comic Characters Not On the Show (Yet)

The Walking Dead show may be fantastic, but do you know about these 8 Walking Dead comic characters not on the show (but maybe will be soon?)

walking dead comic characters yet to appear on show

The Walking Dead is a vast universe. Games, books, comic books, a web series, and two TV shows. If you were to count the characters from all those stories, you would have a world a little TOO overstuffed. If the various Walking Dead stories didn’t stay keep mostly to themselves, it would be damn near impossible for anyone to remember all those characters and why they matter.

But fans of the comic know THAT is the real Walking Dead universe, and it’s the comics that the show is based on. For this reason, there are a bunch of Walking Dead comic characters who have yet to appear on the show. In some cases, this clearly means we will never see them (as we are WAY past their story arcs in the comics). But in other cases, their key moments have yet to be seen on the show.

This got us thinking about who the coolest Walking Dead comic characters were, and if they would appear on the television show at some point. Some of these people you should fear and some you just pray end up being represented as well on the show as they were in the comic world.

Here are seven Walking Dead comic characters not on the show, or at least not there yet. And no, there will be NO SPOILERS about these characters. Just a basic introduction so you know to keep your eyes out for them in future episodes or seasons of The Walking Dead.

7. Hershel’s Twins

walking dead comic characters yet to appear on show

There wont be any spoilers for characters who could still be introduced, but there WILL be spoilers for characters who we already know won’t be in the show. Show watchers know Hershel’s kid is Maggie (and was Beth). But in the comic, he also had twin girls, Rachel and Susie. When the crew first arrives at the jail in the comic, everyone is setting up camp and running around the place. Rachel and Susie decided to run off and check stuff out (which they actually got permission for). Come to find out, they are not alone in the prison, and the walkers are the least of their threats.

The group finds this out by discovering the decapitated twins on the floor of the jail’s barbershop. Don’t worry. Hershel is dead now. We wont have to suffer seeing two very young headless girls breathing through the open holes in their necks.

6. Ezekiel (and Shiva)

walking dead comic characters yet to appear on show

So on the fence about this one. While some readers felt that the introduction of this character was when the comics started to go off the rails a little bit, there is also something wholly intriguing and undeniably badass about Ezekiel. He’s a large African American man with white dreads and beard who calls himself “The King” and runs a place called “The Kingdom,” which is really just a cool name for the place where his survivor group stays.

But there is some fine print about him that throws some people off: He has a pet tiger, Shiva. Would this work on the show or would it seem layered on cheese?

We won’t know until we see if he makes it on the show. My guess is no tiger, but we may see the guy.

5. Dwight


walking dead comic characters not on the show dwight

We may see Dwight sooner than we think. You see, they just introduced Negan on the show, and Negan runs the Saviors, a survivalist group who, well, you don’t want to get them mad. Dwight is very much Negan’s right hand man, and with a half burnt face we see that he is also the aftermath of Negan’s rage. So he is on Negan’s side and supports him and spouts his word to everybody, but he also has some simmering issues with Negan himself.

Put it this way. If Dwight appears on the show along with Negan, there is a good chance this storyline is going to be unpredictable and amazing.

4. Scavenger Derek

walking dead characters yet to appear on show

Many people are trying to figure out “The Wolves” role in the show. Some fans speculate that The Wolves are the scavengers from the comics, but we cannot be sure as there has yet to be a payoff.

If they do intend to bring in the scavengers or have the Wolves be the show version of them, they better have Derek in their midst. He is a scary bastard with unclear motives that, if added now, would pose a real threat to Alexandria, especially with Negan looming.