7 Walking Dead Comic Characters Not On the Show (Yet)

3. Holly

walking dead comic characters yet to appear on show

Now that we are getting more and more into Abraham’s role on the show, it would be shocking to not see Holly introduced at some point in the near future. Kind of having a Carol survivor vibe to her, there is also an uncertainty to the character that makes her very intriguing.

Holly’s evolution would be brave and interesting to see IF AMC had the guts to do it. Saying anymore will ruin it. Some think that Francine on the show may be Holly’s replacement, but not enough has proven that yet (though the last episode before the midseason finale did show it going there).

Who knows? Only time will tell.

2. Julie and Chris

walking dead comic characters yet to appear on show

Safe to say they wont be introducing Julie and Chris now, seeing as to how Julie was Tyrese’s daughter and Chris was her quiet, meek boyfriend. Their storyline happened during the prison and probably won’t come back around now. So for that reason, I AM ABOUT TO SPOIL THIS:

Julie and Chris decide this world is too dark for them they make a suicide pact. They both have guns pointed at each other’s heads. Chris, like all men, fires a little too early. Cue Julie dying on floor and Tyrese running in and eventually choking Chris to death (which Rick watches and allows to happen).

Yeah, so they likely won’t make it on the show, but that subplot was powerful and should have been included to show the true toll the zombie apocalypse takes on the mind and body.

1. The Whisperers

walking dead comic characters

The BEST aspect of The Walking Dead comic for me thus far (and I have read every issue, played every Telltale game, and even read the Governor’s backstory book) is the Whisperers. Just when you think this sick series has thrown everything at you it can, they introduce these….things.

Granted, they are human, but you would not know that by looking at them. You see, the Whisperers are humans who wear the skin of the walkers and walk around in their midst. They do not do any harm to the undead and have come to the conclusion that this world belongs to the dead now, so they walk among them. There is more to the Whisperers than that, and Carl MAY end up dating one, so we got to hold to see if this plays out (which it BETTER)!

Some think the “guts” thing from the show is a nod to it (when the characters wear zombie guts to walk among them and not get eaten) but the Whisperers group needs to be given more story because they are scary as hell. Humans who want to be zombies? Yeah, that is some messed up s***. And we all know messed up s*** is what makes The Walking Dead so damn good.

Honorable Mention: Clementine

walking dead characters yet to appear on show

I know I am breaking the rules here as Clementine is from the Telltale game series, but seeing the apocalypse through the eyes of a child who has lost everything adds a lot of weight to the series. It would be amazing and agonizing to see this girl be forced to grow up and become the indifferent killing machine she needs to in order to survive. While some say we see this progression in Coral (also known as Carl) I don’t agree. Carl went from whiny kid to cool, brooding teenager and they didn’t give us much in way of transition. Clementine would add some innocence to the group and make for a nice shout-out to people who are fans of the entire Walking Dead extended universe, not just the popular AMC show.

I know this is not likely to happen, but anyone who has played through seasons one and two of this game will tell you what an amazing addition she would be.

So what characters from The Walking Dead comic do you hope to see on the show soon? Take to our comments and let us know. Best answer wins a bite from a walker.