Batman v Superman Sneak Peak Breakdown and Analysis

While we wait for the full trailer on Wednesday here is what this teaser is hiding in plain sight.

As Batman V Superman draws closer and closer to it’s March 25th release date, little is still truly known about the film. Tonight’s sneak peak during the Gotham mid-season finale gave us another delectable taste of what’s to come when DC’s three biggest heroes come together on the big screen.

Batman v Superman Sneak Peak Breakdown

The trailer opens in what seems to be a desert prison with Batman (equipped in sand-appropriate coat and cowl) waking up in a daze, chained to the ceiling. There are three or four other people chained with little to indicate who they are. It’s already safe to say Ben Affleck has the signature “Batman reads the room” look down.

Batman v Superman Sneak Peak Breakdown

In the background of a Batman close up you can see one of the others looking toward the Caped Crusader with a “holy $#@* it’s the Batman” look in his eye, so it’s safe to assume these men might not be in league with the hero.

Batman v Superman Sneak Peak Breakdown superman

The mystery of what, exactly, is going on grows harder to grasp when Superman thumps down into the sand in front of armed guards. While this shot was included in past trailers it’s official now that these guards are, indeed, kneeling to the Kryptonian hero.

Batman v Superman Sneak Peak Breakdown superman close

Superman charges headlong toward Batman with anger you don’t normally see in Superman’s demeanor (like a parent, Superman is never angry, only disappointed).

Metropolis’s Beacon of Hope removes Batman’s cowl with no hesitation and, unsurprisingly, Bruce doesn’t seem too happy.

Batman v Superman Sneak Peak Breakdown unmasking

The interesting thing about this moment is that neither Bruce Wayne nor Clark Kent seem surprised. There’s no “ah” moment from Superman realizing who the Batman is, and there’s no “oh no” moment from Bruce worried that Superman knows who he is. So Clark must already know? Then what was the point of the dramatic unmasking?

Batman v Superman Sneak Peak Breakdown mask

The entire sequence feels off in a certain way. Even in the dark and brooding universe that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman seem to exist, this angry contemptuous Superman seems highly out of character. Especially coupled with the kowtowing troopers, the scene feels inspired by the “what if” comic/game Injustice: Gods Among Us, in which Superman becomes an iron fisted dictator.

Batman V Superman isn't half the battle that Alfred V Superman can be.

Batman V Superman isn’t half the battle that Alfred V Superman can be.

Simply put, that cannot be how Batman v Superman will be depicting Superman – it’s simply too far out of character. So I put forward that this sneak peak is actually a fantasy sequence from the film. Much like the “buried in skulls” dream sequence from Man of Steel, Batman’s sandy prison seems to be a part of Bruce’s (or Clark’s) worst fear for the red and blue hero. It seems to be a work of fiction in of the mind of one of the film’s characters less satisfied with Superman’s new role as a hero.

The best part of the sneak peak was the promise of a full trailer later this week (to premier on Jimmy Kimmel Dec 2).