Batman v Superman Who Wins? 5 Famous Fights from the Comics

#4 – Batman: Hush

If someone has leaves on them, they're probably being mind-controlled.
What comic books taught me: If someone has leaves on them, they’re probably being mind-controlled.

An ongoing theme in Batman v Superman fights is that Superman, regardless of the circumstances, always holds back. That’s why their battles never start with Batman’s head getting punched off. Batman: Hush saw Superman under mind control by Poison Ivy, with Batman and Catwoman scrambling to survive long enough to formulate a plan that could break Ivy’s hold.

Naturally, Batman has a Kryptonite ring at the ready. The fight spills into the Metropolis sewers, which have been lined with lead courtesy of LexCorp, limiting Superman’s x-ray vision and mobility. This gives Catwoman enough of a head start to escape the melee and devise a way to bring Superman to his senses, while Batman holds the line against a superhuman force of nature.

Even with a Kryptonite ring, Batman nearly breaks his hand punching the Face of Steel. He spends the rest of the fight keeping Superman distracted long enough for Catwoman to take Lois Lane hostage, and then in the next logical step, pitch her off a building. Superman snaps out of his trance in order to save Lois, which brings the fight to an end. Poison Ivy, for some reason, never thinks to take control of Superman again.

Controlling Superman is literally the biggest advantage someone could have.

Controlling Superman is literally the biggest advantage someone could have.

Technically another draw. Batman doesn’t get a chance to plan out this fight in advance, and while the Dark Knight was able to go toe-to-toe with Superman initially, the narration makes it clear that Clark restraining himself, even through the mind control, is the only thing keeping Batman in one piece. Part of Batman’s shtick is always-being-prepared-for-any-and-every-possibility, and while that’s on display in Hush, this fight makes it clear that if Superman just up and blindsided Batman one day, the Dark Knight might not fare so well.