Batman v Superman Who Wins? 5 Famous Fights from the Comics

#3 – Superman: Red Son

Easily the best Batman costume.

Easily the best Batman costume.

In an alternate universe where baby Kal-El crash lands in the Ukraine instead of Kansas, Red Son’s Superman was raised to fight for the Soviet Union, and his arrival marked the beginning of a superhuman arms race. Many major DC characters appeared in Red Son, such as Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Green Lantern Hal Jordan, but the history of the world was completely changed by Superman’s modified origin. Naturally, there was a Red Son Batman as well, whose parents were murdered for spreading anti-Superman sentiment. This Batman possesses the intelligence and determination of the original but lacked the personal wealth, so aligned himself with Lex Luthor to secure the resources he would need to fight the Soviet Superman.

Once again, Batman is able to fully prepare for the confrontation, this time employing red sun lamps to replicate the radiation of Krypton’s sun and negate Superman’s powers. The plan works, and Batman wins the resulting brawl with his de-powered foe. From there, he locks Superman in a bunker, complete with additional red lamps to make sure that he stays de-powered. Batman is almost successful, but Wonder Woman destroys the generator. With the lamps off, Superman’s powers return and Batman is caught without a backup plan.

Rather than serve as a lobotomized drone in Superman’s Russia, Batman opts to detonate a bomb inside his own body, bringing a messy end to the fight. Red Son is an Elseworlds story, taking place on one of DC’s many alternate earths, and here Superman emerges victorious against Batman. While Wonder Woman’s interference decides the winner, such assists are commonplace between Batman and Superman. The two almost never square off in a one-on-one fight. But there are exceptions.