Black Canary in Justice League Film? Four Questions About Her Involvement

Black Canary is a popular DC hero, so it would be no surprise to see her join Justice League. 

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Rumors have spread that the DC hero Black Canary will be joining the DCEU via Justice League: Part One (or possibly Part Two). With an already full lineup, a bunch questions have arisen wondering how exactly Black Canary will fit into the crowded film. We’ve whittled the list down to four of the most pressing.

4. What role would she play in this Justice League?

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Already Justice League has a great team lined up. Superman has incredible strength and leadership capabilities, Batman is a genius strategist and a trained fighter, Wonder Woman is an unparalleled diplomat with the strength of a god, Cyborg is the most advanced computer on earth with a mind to match, Aquaman is a ruler on a global scale, and The Flash is a scientist beyond compare. So what can Black Canary contribute to such a group?

Dinah, much like Bruce Wayne, has been trained in physical combat to become one of the most incomparable fighters in the world. In tandem with her metahuman “Canary Cry,” Black Canary’s skills certainly make her a worthy teammate for the Justice League. But when it comes to the film’s story, what can she contribute?

Compared to the Justice League, Dinah is the everyman’s hero. While the central team is concerned with global matters like intergalactic alien threats, and gods beyond earthly compare, Black Canary is concerned with the people on the streets. As a member of the Justice League, Canary would keep the heroes grounded and thinking about the lives of those people. When all hell breaks loose between the League and whomever is trying to destroy/take over the Earth, Dinah will be on the ground helping innocents escape the destruction and recover their losses.

3. How could she be different from the TV versions?

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Black Canary has had many live-action incarnations on television, from a lead role on Birds of Prey to a supporting arc on Smallville and now as a features hero on Arrow. To say the least, she is a popular character in the DC canon, so it’s no surprise that she would have a place in the DCEU, especially center stage in Justice League. But fans might wonder, how will this Black Canary be different from what we have on the CW already?

Firstly, there is always the question as to which Black Canary we will see. Dinah Laurel Lance is the more popular choice, having held the title since the Sliver Age of DC Comics heroes, and she has been the Canary of choice for the television universe (excluding Sara Lance in Arrow). So it could be an easy way to separate the universes if the DCEU let Dinah Lance’s mother Dinah Drake take up the mantle for a time.

Whether Lance or Drake, there is another simple way for the DCEU to distinguish their Black Canary from the current DCTV version. In Arrow, both Sara and Laurel Lance rely on a technological device to generate the signature Canary Cry, focusing mostly on Canary’s hand-to-hand talents (an attempt to maintain Arrow’s grounded tone). But it would not be a stretch for Justice League to allow Dinah to maintain her status as a metahuman capable of generating the Canary Cry from her own vocal cords.

2. What would her relationships be with the other characters?

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The most important concern regarding Black Canary’s inclusion in the Justice League film is how will she interact with the other heroes on a personal level. The film will be about the team’s dynamics, so adding a character like Dinah needs to affect these interpersonal connections. Based on her history in the comics, there is a lot of canon to build from.

In the DC universe, Black Canary is often depicted as a trainer. She has taught many heroes (often including Batman) a great deal about fighting and martial arts. It would be interesting to see her be an advisor or coach for the Justice League heroes. Heroes like Superman, The Flash, and Cyborg have likely never had “official” fight training before becoming heroes, so including a hero who is also a martial arts master and teacher would tie the team together in a highly effective way.

In the comics, Dinah Lance is often a very close friend to Diana Prince (and Black Canary to Wonder Woman). Considering the current (confirmed) Justice League lineup has only one female hero (and Lois Lane and Carrie Ferris supporting) adding Black Canary would not only round out the cast some, but also bring about the chance to bring female friendships to the silver screen. Having Wonder Woman alone among a team of men might allow her to “prove” herself to some degree, but she’ll already get to do that in Batman v Superman and her standalone film. Allowing two female heroes to affect each other in the confines of this film would make it a much more well-rounded piece.

Of course, with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Dinah’s comic book husband) nowhere in sight for the DCEU, there is room for Dinah as a romantic interest for any of the heroes of the Justice League.

1. Could this lead to a Birds of Prey film?

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In more recent comics, Dinah Lance has been a part of the all (at least usually) female superhero team Birds of Prey. The team traditionally operates out of Gotham City, meaning Black Canary could be tied to future DCEU films (such as The Batman). Similarly, the Birds of Prey are lead by Oracle, a superhero who originally debuted under the Suicide Squad title, meaning a BoP film could also connect directly to the upcoming Suicide Squad. Several other characters would have to be introduced to the DCEU in order for Dinah to found the Birds of Prey but it certainly seems a possibility with Black Canary entering the universe.

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