Why are Daredevil and Jessica Jones not in Civil War?

The MCU’s Netflix heroes have been incredibly popular. So why won’t they be in Marvel’s biggest movie yet?

Unfortunately, we're not going to see a Civil War of this size.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to see a Civil War of this size.

Ever since it was announced that the third Captain America movie would be an adaptation of Marvel’s Civil War comic, fans have been wondering who would be appearing in the war between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. For a bunch of different reasons (film rights, who’s been established, directorial choices), there won’t be nearly as many characters in the movie as there were in the original storyline.

Because of this, fans have speculated just who would make into the movie. Two of the biggest names that have been thrown around are Daredevil and Jessica Jones – the street-level heroes of Hell’s Kitchen. But since the release more info and a trailer that clues us into just what kind of scope the movie will haveit’s safe to say that these two will not be appearing in the massive film.

It comes down to just more than lack of favor that pushed these characters out of Civil War. Sure, it might have been fun to see them get cameos, but there are good reasons Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones won’t be appearing alongside the Avengers in the upcoming Marvel flick.

4. They’re Too Dark for Marvel Films

Jon Bernthal- from on one brutal killing role into the next.

Jon Bernthal – from on one brutal killing role into the next.

The thing about Marvel films is that they’re intended to bring in very broad audiences. Marvel doesn’t want to turn away any kids or parents from their massive film franchise because there are too many inappropriate scenes or references. The Captain America movies are actually about as dark as they tend to get, with some of the fight sequences from Captain America: Winter Soldier rivaling the Bourne movies for hand-to-had brutality.

However, Marvel has taken a much different approach to their Netflix television shows: Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Unlike the Marvel movies, they’re much darker in nature. It’s due in part to the nature of their characters – they’re down in the grimy streets – but these shows hold back no punches, showcasing a very realistic depictions of crime, violence, and even sexual assault. Jessica Jones would basically have to have been R rated if it were a movie. And that’s ok. These characters come from a darker side of life that just wouldn’t fit comfortably into the MCU movies.

3. Injustice to the Characters

You're not going to cool this mouth, Cap.

You’re not going to cool this mouth, Cap.

Again, the intended audience for the Marvel films is all-around, but mostly aimed at younger minds. If characters like Daredevil and Jessica Jones were included in Civil War, their behavior would have to be seriously altered in order to fit into the general tone of the movie. And Marvel is no doubt aware of this.

While this doesn’t seem like a huge problem initially, it actually does more of an injustice to the characters than anything else. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are characters designed to fit into dark worlds, and their mannerisms definitely reflect that. Daredevil is a fan of torture, brutal combat, and embracing “the devil inside of him.” Jones is blunt, alcoholic, and foul-mouthed (Cap would certainly have a cow if he listened to her talk).

No matter your feel on whether these characters are morally right or wrong, their actions are what makes them them. It’s what defines them as different kinds of heroes in their own right. If they were to be put into Civil War, these behaviors would be done away with, and you’d be left with mere shells of what made you love these characters in the first place. It’s probably better just to leave them out instead.

2. Defenders, not Avengers

Why does Daredevil look like he's doing his best Spider-Man impression?

Why does Daredevil look like he’s doing his best Spider-Man impression?

One of the biggest reasons you’re not going to see Daredevil and Jessica Jones in Civil War is because Marvel has other plans for the characters. In the not too distant future, they are set to team up with Luke Cage and Iron Fist for the show The Defenders, based on the comic of the same name. They have their own legacy to make that doesn’t involve the large-scale MCU for the time being. Now that’s not to say we couldn’t see them appear in Infinity Warbut for now Marvel has shown full intent on keeping these worlds separate.

Again, the world of Hell’s Kitchen (or other street level parts of New York City) and the MCU are vastly different in tone, despite being set in the same universe. Separating them for now just makes things easier to juggle for audiences and creators alike. If people feel like they have to watch shows like Daredevil to get themselves up to speed with what’s happening in the MCU, they’re going to feel overwhelmed, or kids might even accidentally stumble upon these stories just so they know “how Iron Man plays a part in it.” And who wants to feel obligated to watch a 13 episode show along with 3 movies a year? Certainly not me. (Well actually, I do and you probably do, too, but I’m guessing we’re the outliers.)

On the subject of the Defenders, another reason we’re not going to see the Netflix characters in Civil War is because they are vastly outmatched. Daredevil vs Iron Man? He’s screwed. Jessica vs Scarlet Witch? It’s not even a fight. Murdock and Jones are small-scale heroes for a reason and wouldn’t stand a chance going up against an Avengers-level villain. People might make the argument that Hawkeye and Black Widow function just fine, but they have special training, special equipment, and when the Avengers are targeted, they’re always the first to take a hit. They’re vulnerable; Daredevil and Jessica Jones would be even more vulnerable.

1. Maybe another time

Don't worry, fellas. There will be other opportunities. Hint hint.

Don’t worry, fellas. There will be other opportunities. Hint hint.

I’ll be honest, because of how big they were in the comic Civil War, I’m a little disappointed that Daredevil and Jessica are being left out of the film. However, it’s not without good reason, and I’m convinced that even if these characters made it in they wouldn’t be able to be themselves. Because Marvel has two separate audiences with their films and Netflix franchises, it makes sense to keep the characters in their own worlds for now. That doesn’t mean my fingers still aren’t crossed for Infinity War though.

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