Is Deadpool Overhyped? Why Fans Shouldn’t Worry

Is Deadpool overhyped? Despite the movie being all over social media and building expectations to a new high, fans might not need to worry.

12 Days of Deadpool

Deadpool enjoys a little nog.

With all of the superhero movies coming out in 2016, Deadpool seems to be having the most fun with its marketing campaign. Currently into its “12 Days of Deadpool” promotional push, the film is making full use of the main character’s wacky nature to keep the hype up among so much competition. Is Deadpool overhyped at this point, though?

Moviegoers are all too familiar with what happens when the hype for a film develops beyond what the movie can deliver. Just look at The Phantom Menace; the movie was the most-hyped film when it came out, but many long-time fans walked out of theaters disappointed because it just couldn’t live up. While Deadpool doesn’t have as much hype surrounding it as Episode I did, there are plenty of reasons to ask “Is Deadpool overhyped?”

The Hype Train

Deadpool by the fire

Deadpool gets comfy in promo materials.

So is Deadpool overhyped? Let’s take a look at how Fox is building hype for the film and see if they’re going too far.

The hype for Deadpool began well before the movie started filming, with a leaked animated mock-up for a Deadpool film. The short received so much positive attention that Fox greenlit the movie, making sure to include references to that short in the first trailer to immediately connect the two. This was a pretty successful ploy, as it allowed the movie to grab up the hype surrounding that short and hit the ground running with its own marketing campaign.

From there, the movie’s promotion has stayed pretty well in touch with the main character’s personality. The film’s R rating was revealed while Ryan Reynolds was being interviewed by Mario Lopez (with Deadpool himself coming out to club Lopez in the back of the head before announcing that the movie was definitely an R), the character has had a strong social media presence, and Reynolds even went trick-or-treating in character to build hype for the movie (and to help make sure that some kids had a great time on Halloween.)

Even in a year where most of the Avengers, Doctor Strange, the X-Men, the Suicide Squad, and the DC holy trinity of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman will all appear on-screen, Deadpool still manages to have the least amount of potentially worried fans despite a massive following.

Is Deadpool overhyped? It depends on how well the character comes to the screen this time.

Days of Deadpool Past

Deadpool X-Men Origins

The Merc Without a Mouth.

This isn’t the first time that Deadpool has graced the screen. He first appeared (played by Reynolds) in the notably bad X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Among that film’s many failings was the way that Deadpool was handled; not only did they opt to completely ignore his origin and give him the combined powers of the X-Men, but the “Merc with a Mouth” literally had his mouth removed. The closest they got to the character’s iconic costume was having his optic blasts nonsensically burn diamond patterns into the skin around his eyes (which for some reason his healing factor couldn’t handle.)

Pretty much everyone, including Reynolds, hated the way that the character was portrayed. That was part of the reason that Reynolds campaigned so hard over the years to see a “real” Deadpool film made. He wanted to make up for the wrongs that Origins did, and wanted to see Deadpool done in a way that was accurate to the comics. Some had their doubts it would ever happen, especially given how other Fox-controlled Marvel properties were being handled.

Deadpool Hits the Screen

Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Even Deadpool can make friends.

If Deadpool is overhyped, this dedication to a comics-accurate Deadpool is at least in part to blame. Superhero costumes have been very hit or miss to date, so most fans expected a version of Deadpool that would appear similar to the character but be toned down a bit for the silver screen. When the first images of the costume appeared, fans lost their collective minds.

Not only was the costume as comics accurate as you could get while still looking like something that a mercenary would wear, but it managed to eliminate the main problem of costumes: Even while wearing the mask, Deadpool can show personality. Though no skin shows, the mask that appears on screen shows facial expressions to go along with the character’s trademark one-liners. The character looks like Deadpool, he cracks jokes like Deadpool, and jokes about Reynolds’ costume in Green Lantern show that he even breaks the fourth wall like Deadpool.

The movie can’t help but build hype among the fans.

So is Deadpool overhyped?

Deadpool and Colossus

This is going to hurt. A lot.

Is Deadpool overhyped? This is a hard question to answer until the movie actually comes out, but everything we’ve seen is leaning toward “no.” There’s a lot of hype surrounding this movie, but it seems pretty well justified so far. Just like First Class helped fans to get over X-Men: The Last Stand, Deadpool should help fans to get over X-Men Origins. As an added bonus, Days of Future Past seems to have wiped both Origins and The Last Stand from continuity, so it doesn’t even matter from a story standpoint that they’re undoing everything about the character’s origin.

The hardest part now will be waiting until February for the film to hit theaters. Until then, fans will just have to enjoy the ongoing promotions and an Epic Rap Battle against Boba Fett.