Earth 2 Killer Frost in The Flash Season 2: 3 Ways the Villain Will Shake up the World of the Series.

Fans have been waiting since the beginning for Caitlin Snow to appear as Killer Frost. Now thanks to Earth 2 we will all get our wish.

Earth 2 Killer Frost 1

Now that The Flash is in its midseason hiatus, fans are looking for any news and new material they can get in the interim. Recently, photos from The Flash set have given us another look at Caitlin Snow of Earth 2, Killer Frost. Fans have been waiting since Caitlin’s name was first announced attached to the series for the Icy villain to make her debut. Now it’s official that we will finally see her in Season 2. While The Flash has a sizable rogues gallery already, Killer Frost’s arrival means more than just another bad guy is arriving.

She will be more of a threat than earlier Earth 2 villains.

Earth 2 Killer Frost 2

During season 2, The Flash and the team at S.T.A.R. Labs have been dealing with the consequences of opening a path to the multiverse, specifically to Earth 2. Not only is Zoom a seemingly insurmountable villain as it stands, he has been sending other Earth 2 villains to try to “kill” The Flash. (We now know that Zoom sent the villains to test The Flash and push his limits rather than actually kill him, but that’s mostly semantics). Killer Frost seems to fit in with these other Earth 2 villains in that we have seen her Earth Prime counterpart. But Frost will go beyond the scope of the other Earth 2 villains in a lot of ways.

Caitlin Snow has been a core member of Team Flash since the beginning. She is a main character as much as anyone and seeing her Earth 2 doppelganger won’t be as simple as any before. If only because Caitlin is already a major figure in the show on Earth Prime, Killer Frost will have to play a major part as well (especially considering how excited fans have been to see the character).

She will be a villain for both Earths.

Earth 2 Killer Frost 3

In analyzing the set photos one thing becomes clear: we are seeing Killer Frost on Earth 2. Interestingly, we also see a version of Barry on Earth 2 as well. Some speculation suggests Barry will travel to Earth 2. Maybe he makes the journey in a ploy to stop Zoom, maybe it revolves around finding Harrison Well’s daughter, or maybe he is returning with Jay Garrick (there really are quite a few interesting possibilities), but one thing is certain: Barry will be confronted by Earth 2’s Caitlin “Killer Frost” Snow.

Other fans have speculated that, especially considering the odd costuming, we are actually seeing the Barry Allen of Earth 2 in these photos. This seems validated by the fact that Barry doesn’t seem to be in battle mode (i.e. the Flash costume) while confronting Frost. Under this assumption, we would be getting a confrontation between new versions of Caitlin and Barry, which holds a great deal of interesting potential. We will find out how their relationship is different from the Caitlin and Barry we know and love (after all, one of them is now a supervillain and the other is no longer a superhero).

Earth 2 Killer Frost 4

On the other hand, it seems almost impossible that Killer Frost would stay on Earth 2. There is already plenty of precedent for villains crossing over to the other world, but even more so, the narrative potential of having the Caitlin of another earth confront the version we know is unavoidable. If Zoom’s plan is to push Barry’s limits by having more and more villains confront him, then having the villainous version of someone he is so close to is an intensely logical next step.

Beyond an enemy for the Flash, Killer Frost entering Earth Prime will be an incredible plot arc for Caitlin and the rest of S.T.A.R. Labs as people. We’ve already seen the effects seeing her doppelganger had on Linda Park in the Dr. Light episode, seeing the same with Caitlin (and Cisco by association) would likely take those themes to the next level.


This will bring about concern over why some of Earth Prime’s heroes are Earth 2’s villains.

Earth 2 Killer Frost 5

With Linda Park we had briefly met her, first, while Barry was dating her, and then, as Iris’s co-worker and friend. While not an incredible amount of time was spent with the character, by the time her Earth 2 counterpart was revealed there was an emotional tie to the character. We saw a level of confusion and awe from both Linda herself and Team Flash. It was odd to see someone they know become a villain in an alternate world. But this concern was never fully realized (they had more pressing Zoom-related concerns that had to come first).

But having Caitlin Snow of Earth 2 come face to face with the Caitlin of Earth Prime and her friends would bring about that concern again, tenfold. If nothing more, Caitlin will go through an emotional arc of her own dealing with what could have turned her evil in another universe. I would think the same question would be on the minds of Barry and Cisco as well. It’s even possible that knowing one version of Caitlin turned so evil could cast doubt with Barry or Cisco.

Either way it will be Killer! (Frost)

Earth 2 Killer Frost 6

Knowing we will get Killer Frost this season is exciting on it’s own, but the implications her character brings bode very well for the future of the season and the series. Caitlin Snow has been a main character in this universe since the Flash based episode of Arrow’s season 2, so having her alternate version won’t simply be a one-off villain. Killer Frost will bring a lot of change to the series, for better (in the it will be interesting to watch sense) or worse (in the it will be Earth-shattering for the characters sense).