I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing: The 8 Darkest Star Wars Moments

While we eagerly await the new movie, why not retread on some of the darker moments from past films?

darkest star wars moments luke in vadre helmet

The biggest misconception about the Star Wars series is a simple one, and one that has been made since day one: It is for kids.

Wait, are you joking? Just because something takes place in a science fiction universe and may have some cute, fuzzy characters they can make into toys does not mean the series or story is aimed at children. (Never forget: Robocop was once marketed to children.) Truthfully, once you gaze back through all six movies, you realize there is a strong undercurrent of some very dark things that happen. We are talking about severed hands and tortured droids and giant men-slugs who keep woman chained up like sex slaves. Make no mistakes. The Star Wars universe is a very dark one (literally and otherwise). Like Game of Thrones in space, kinda.

Okay, not THAT dark, but you get the point. For those who think this series (and possibly The Force Awakens) is aimed at kids, here are the 8 darkest Star Wars moments to remind you that NO ONE is safe in a galaxy far, far away.

8. Luke’s Aunt and Uncle get Barbecued

When we all went into the first Star Wars movie, we had no idea what was in store for us. We knew it would take place in space and there would be ships and blasters that go PEW PEW PEW,  but we had no idea how deep and dark and engrossing it would actually be. That is, until this exact moment.

Sorry to say, but burning people alive is brutal, even in horror films. It is taking someone out in the worst way possible, and it leaves the agony in the mind of the survivors. What was it like? Did they suffer? This let us know that Star Wars was going to be epic and, at times, brutal. Finding his aunt and uncle burned alive was the true start of Luke’s dark journey.

Poor Luke. Dude’s whole life was a raging train-wreck surrounded by death.

7. Luke’s Headless Foreshadowing

So you are on a swamp training with a green muppet who is talking to you in backwards speak. Suddenly, you are forced into a confrontation with the head man in charge who you are CLEARLY not ready to face. Darth Vader appears, walking through the swamp at Luke, both combatants drawing their sabers. Red vs Blue (like the awesome web show). Some fog swirls as the two men battle, boots plopping around in the swampy water beneath.

Suddenly, Luke swings and cuts off Vader’s head. The head rolls to the ground and at Luke’s feet where it is revealed that the man inside the mask is none other than Luke Skywalker. Boom, minds blown.

Though some say this was foreshadowing his meeting with his Father, it was not. It was foreshadowing Luke turning bad, which we will see in next movie (if they wrote it correctly).

6. Anankin’s Mom Dies in His Arms and He Slaughters the Tuskan Raider Village

It could be said that your mother being kidnapped and then you finding her just in time for her to die in your arms would send anyone down a dark road. Well, that is just what happened to Anakin Skywalker, and exactly the first step needed to turn him into a soulless killing machine, which is just what he goes on to become. Almost immediately, as a matter of fact.

In this scene, Anakin goes on to kill EVERYONE at the raider camp. Yes, this includes raider women and children. Also, as you will see later on the list, Anakin has no issue killing kids. Heck, he almost goes out of his way a few times just to ensure he can.

5. The Torture and Carbonite-ing of Han Solo

You know what sucks? Traitors. The thing that made Han Solo’s capture and torture SO S***TY was the fact that he was given up by his space buddy, Lando (Colt 45) Calrissian. But what happens next is pretty brutal, even by horror movie standards. Solo is put through the torture wringer. We see some if it and hear the screams from some other parts of it. Brutal stuff for a movie whose audience was filled with kids. But that was nothing compared to how they left the audience feeling when they dipped the hero in Carbonite (which we knew little about but knew was NOT a good thing.)

At least he got to bust out that “I know” line after Leia said “I love you.” Funny side fact: Ford was supposed to say, “I love you, too,” but Ford told director Irvin Kershner that Solo would never be that much of a pussy. That is why it is gonna suck when he dies in The Force Awakens, but you didn’t hear that from me. Oh, and speaking of torture….

4. Droid Torture

We could actually point out multiple moments of droid torture in this entire series. From Boba Fett watching droids get tortured to the scene when we see the 8D8 droid torturing the GNK droid at Jabba’s palace. We see a bunch of hot, melted iron and we later hear the agonized screams of the GNK and it still haunts my dreams to this day.

Let us not forget, our fave droids get tortured themselves at different times in this series. Droid life sucks, huh? You are a slave to someone and when they get mad at you, they smelt you. We need a Star Wars movies where the droids revolt and start killing all the evil humans.

Disney, you listening?

3. Luke’s Hand Goes Bye Bye

Listen, you think you know what having a bad day is like? Imagine finding out the man who has been trying to kill you and who you have been trained to kill is actually your father? Now imagine finding out this news in the middle of your pops chopping off your hand?

Makes our bad days look like a trip to the amusement park. It takes massive balls to lop of you kid’s hand, especially after you asked him to join your cause. I never looked at “take your kid to work day” the same way after this series.

2. Anakin Gets Left To Burn and Suffer

I have this theory about how the Jedi are actually bad and the Sith are actually more morally sound and it all comes off of this moment. What is the cruelest thing we see Darth Vader do? Blow up a planet? Yeah, shitty, but quick and painless. What else? Force chokes? Yeah, they suck but whatever.

But what do we see Obi-Wan do to Anakin? Granted, I know he tells him not to fight and not to jump, but regardless. He left him there to burn alive slowly in lava while screaming. Oh, and he stole his lightsaber so that he could, you know, give it to his son one day so he could kill him with it.

The most brutal act in all six films and it is perpetrated by a Jedi. True Jedi would mercy kill. Never let anyone suffer. Obi-Wan was an evil bastard. But I guess that is what Anakin gets for this next entry….

1. Killing All The Jedi Children

That scene was the one scene where many people were like: wow. Like, we knew he had the potential for evil in him, but slaughtering a bunch of innocent children who were just being raised and indoctrinated and had no idea what was going on was some serial killer s*** that disturbed many in the audience.

But, to their credit, the way they shot the scene was incredibly effective. We just see Anakin walk into the room after the order has been made to terminate all Jedi. The kids run up to him and ask him what’s going on, and without saying a word, we just see the glowing saber come out of the hilt, then it cuts away, leaving our minds to visualize all the awful stuff that happens off-screen. Now THAT is good movie making.

So what do you consider the darkest Star Wars moment? Did it make our list? Are you mad we left off the dead Ewok scene? Take to the comments and let us know!