Flash Season 2 Secrets Revealed! What the VFX department let slip about the future of the series!

The special effects supervisor revealed some delectable new insights into the rest of the second season of The Flash.

Now that The Flash is taking a midseason, holiday break, the production team is giving fans some bonus material to keep us sated and happy. In between detailing the process behind crafting the life-like Gorilla Grodd and the larger than life Hawkgirl, Armen Kevorkian, the show’s visual effects supervisor, revealed some details that bear a great weight for the rest of the season of The Flash.

What we missed in Gorilla City.

Flash Season 2 Secrets 1

If you’ve read any of my other The Flash articles on this website, you know I have been a major proponent of bringing Gorilla City to life on the small screen. Of course, this season we caught a wonderful glimpse at the monkey metropolis when Grodd was tossed through a breach in the multiverse. The moment was awe inspiring, not only seeing the beautiful animation of Grodd himself, but to also see the (admittedly quite ridiculous) Gorilla City from the comics and notably the Justice League animated series so lavishly and lovingly brought to life.

But because it was such a brief moment, it was easy to overlook the minute detail the visual effects team put into rendering the primate principality. Kevorkian shows us both the concept art and the final product of several gorilla themed architectural landmarks:

There is a gateway with spear wielding apes…

Flash Season 2 Secrets 2

An anthropoid amphitheater…

Flash Season 2 Secrets 3

And I’m sure most of you noticed the mountain carved into a rather wise looking gorilla.

Flash Season 2 Secrets 4


But there is a detail of the architecture that I’m sure almost all of us missed: a guarded fighting pit.

Flash Season 2 Secrets 5

In the video, Kevorkian mentions the fighting pit by adding, “Possibly you might see a fight between two gorillas eventually.” While I’m sure most visual effects supervisors are always on alert for places to insert gorilla warfare into their work, this seems more like a comment based on something the producers have discussed. In the comic book canon, Grodd usurps control of Gorilla City through violent means, so it would be easy to see where the fight pit might fit right into any future Grodd appearances.

Gorilla fighting pits might seem enough to get excited about already, but the simian suburb has been hiding at least one more secret, and in plain sight I might add. Right in the heart of the city we actually see an army of staff stamping apes. It all adds up to feeling like we are going to get plenty more Grodd in the near future. Hopefully these subtle details mean we will see not only more of the city, but also see Barry come out of his Central City comfort zone and have to face Grodd on his (new) home turf.

Who the heck is Tar Pit?

Flash Season 2 Secrets 7

At the close of the video, Kevorkian mentions a new villain the VFX team has been working on: Tar Pit. The Effects Supervisor seems to be the first to have released the information that this villain would be coming to the small screen at all. But now that we know Tar Pit is coming, let’s ask the obvious question, “Who?”

In the comics, Tar Pit is Joey Monteleone, the younger brother of a Keystone City drug kingpin. He joins the family business, but is too apathetic to do a good job, winding up in jail. He finds himself bored in prison (I imagine that’s easy to do) and takes up meditation has a way to kill time. During this tranquil time, he discovers he has the ability to project his astral form into inanimate objects. Logically, this leads to him getting said astral form permanently stuck in a vat of hot tar. He takes this a positive step in his life and uses his new form to escape and continue a life of crime.

The good news regarding how ridiculous that backstory is is that The Flash writers have a lot of room to develop the character. The Flash executive producer Geoff Johns created Tar Pit in the comics, so the show can serve as a natural continuation of the character’s creation and development. As they have done with Grodd, Captain Cold, and most of the other villains on the show, The Flash and their VFX team can make Tar Pit into a unique television villain.

Can’t Wait til January!

Flash Season 2 Secrets 8

As more and more news comes out about The Flash, it’s hard not to get overly impatient for the second half of season 2 to premier already. (It’s only been a week and I miss it so!) But based on the revelations from this video, it’s safe to say the rest of Season 2 will be highly worth the wait.