Is the Horn of Winter in Game of Thrones Season 6?

The Mystical Object Prophesied to Destroy the Wall Could Appear in Game of Thrones Season 6.


Show watchers have not even hear of the Horn of Winter, in fact many book readers believed it would be cut entirely from the television show. But if the Horn of Winter appears in Season 6 it means the Wall will fall. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

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Season 5 and Book spoilers follow.

What is the Horn of Winter?

Did Mance Ryder have the Horn of Winter?

Did Mance Ryder have the Horn of Winter?

In the books, we heard about the Horn of Winter in the background. According to Game of Thrones lore, a wildling King-Beyond-the-Wall blew it sometime in forgotten ages past and woke the giants from the earth. In the present, it appears that if the horn is blown it will bring the Wall tumbling down. It seems like just a legend, one of hundreds in A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, until Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall who attacked the Wall in force in the present, claimed to have it.

Mance and the Horn of Winter

Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, claimed to have found the Horn of Winter.

Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, claimed to have found the Horn of Winter.

While Jon Snow was posing as a defector in the Wildling camp, Mance Rayder claimed to be searching for the Horn of Winter but not to have found it. But after the battle at the Wall, when Jon comes out to parlay with Mance, supposedly Mance has come into possession of the horn. He shows Jon a massive horn and threatens to blow it and destroy the Wall if Jon will not let him through.

Jon’s first question, of course, is if Mance had this horn the whole time why didn’t he use it? At this point, Mance reveals he is attacking the Wall to get beyond it and use it for cover from the White Walkers. If he is forced to use the horn to destroy the Wall nothing will stop the Others from getting through. There will be no safety in Westeros. Then Stannis and his army arrive so the horn is never blown. The Wall remains.

The Horn Destroyed?

Was the Horn of Winter destroyed when Mance was burned?

Was the Horn of Winter destroyed when Mance was burned?

Then comes Mance’s execution. On the show, Mance is dead. He was burned at the stake and Jon shot him with an arrow to put him out of his misery. In the books this event is far more complicated. Melisandre, using magic, switches Mance with another wildling, the Lord of Bones, seen briefly in the series.

The Lord of Bones died in the book, not Mance.

The Lord of Bones died in the book, not Mance.

Mance then went on a quest to Winterfell to rescue who everyone thought was Arya Stark (actually a fake), whose place Sansa basically fills on the show. During “Mance’s” execution, Melisandre throws the horn onto the fire. The horn burns, and fast. Later, Tormund Giantsbane reveals to Jon that the horn she burned was not the real Horn of Winter, which makes sense. Why would a supremely magical object like the Horn of Winter be so easily destroyed in a relatively normal fire?

If Mance had actually been the one executed it could be argued that his King’s Blood was used to destroy the Horn and save the Wall. But it isn’t Mance on the fire (again, in the books). Although he may have been captured by Ramsay Bolton, Mance Rayder is still alive.

Was the Horn of Winter buried at the Fist of the First Men?

Horn of Winter in Game of Thrones Season 6 horn

Remember in Season 2 when Sam found a stockpile of Dragon Glass daggers and arrow heads at the Fist of the First Men? Sam later uses one of the daggers to kill a White Walker, and gives several other characters Dragon Glass weapons. Well, among the Dragon Glass is a horn. Could it possibly be the Horn of Winter?

In the books, Jon found the Dragon Glass. Jon then gives the horn to Sam who takes it back to Castle Black. There isn’t much to go on in the novels to suggest this is the Horn of Winter and the show doesn’t give much indication that it is either.

On the show, we have no idea where this horn went. We haven’t seen it since Sam found it. If this is the real Horn of Winter then its location is pretty important. Chances are the show would give us even something as simple as Sam putting it in his bag, but we don’t get that. So it seemed more likely this was a red herring to throw book-readers off, but why include it on the show at all? And who buried the Dragon Glass and the horn in the first place? Benjen? It’s still possible this horn could come back in a big way in Season 6.

The Horn of Winter in Season 6?

Horn of Winter in Game of Thrones Season 6 sam

Right before Lord Commander Jon Snow was stabbed to death, Sam left for Oldtown with Gilly and the baby in tow. It’s possible Sam would have taken the horn with him – if he found it at the fist, it may have just stayed in his possession. Which makes this (SUPER SPOILER-Y) Angry Game of Thrones Fan theory make sense. Before you click on the link, the article claims to be a leak that covers pretty much the entire Season 6. We can’t of course confirm that this will actually happen, but it sounds plausible, it fits with a lot of leaks we’ve heard, and any or all of it could be super spoilers. We’re going to talk a little bit about this leak, and if you don’t want to be spoiled go to the next section.


If you want to read the sections in the leak we’re talking about and nothing else you don’t need to know, read, SAM, THE IRON ISLANDS, and THE FINAL SCENE. Here’s the link to the info again.

According to Angry Game of Thrones Fan the season will open with Euron Greyjoy and a horn. Following Balon’s death, Euron becomes the King of the Iron Islands and sets off on his own campaign to conquer Westeros. Later in the season, he sails to Oldtown, slaughters a bunch of people there and leaves with a book. He returns to Pyke with the book and in the final scene of the season blows the horn. All of the main characters hear it across Westeros, and Edd, who Jon has left in control at the Wall, watches as a crack appears in the Wall and it collapses, letting in the Night’s King and an army of wights.

It could happen like this, but then that means the war-horn from the Fist of the First Men isn’t the Horn of Winter. And if this magical object is so hard to find then how did Euron find it off camera?

What if this report is accurate but there’s a piece missing? Maybe Sam takes the war-horn to Oldtown. Somewhere along the line he realizes that the horn is more important than anyone thought and he leaves it with one of the maesters. When Euron shows up and slaughters everyone he takes the horn with him back to Pyke. That seems to make more sense than if Euron already had the horn when Season 6 opens. That would be foreshadowing on the level of Harry, Ron and Hermione actually handling the Horcrux locket two books before it becomes important.


Will someone blow the Horn? Why?

The Wall has stood for 8,000 years.

The Wall has stood for 8,000 years.

If the Horn of Winter appears in Season 6 the only reason to introduce it is because the Wall is coming down. The show is complicated enough without adding a red herring like this. However this all begs a serious question.

Why on earth would someone wish to blow the Horn of Winter and destroy the Wall? The most obvious answer is it is an accident. The person blowing it doesn’t know what it will do. But for gripping fiction like Game of Thrones we want someone to blow the Horn and to know what they’re doing and have a reason for doing it.


Well, if that leak from earlier is accurate, then Euron Greyjoy could be the most Machiavellian leader in Westeros. Euron is in the Iron Islands, and therefore not connected to the continent of Westeros. Euron could be blowing the horn to destroy the Wall and let the White Walkers slaughter everyone in Westeros and leave it free for Greyjoy conquest. He just has to wait for summer. Now, there are a lot of problems with doing that. He can’t control the White Walkers and they could attack the Iron Islands at any point. Not to mention there might not be another summer if the Wall falls. Or Euron could, in some way, be an agent of the White Walkers.


One reason someone might blow the horn is if they are an agent of the White Walkers. We’ve seen on the show and in the books characters being agents for supernatural entities. The Three Eyed Raven has the Children of the Forest save Bran and company and bring them to him, and in the books he also has Coldhands, a wight like character cut from the show who interacts with Bran and Sam. It is possible that the White Walkers have human agents who are actively seeking the Horn of Winter to destroy the Wall and let them in.

Honestly, though, aside from the reason expressed in the spoiler section, there isn’t much other reason to blow the Horn and destroy the Wall. The Wildlings are already on this side of the Wall, so none of them would do it. And everyone in Westeros who knows about the White Walker threat is using the Wall for protection. If the Wall comes tumbling down, the consequences for Westeros would be disastrous.

Westeros in the aftermath of the Wall collapsing

Will the White Walkers take Westeros?

Will the White Walkers take Westeros?

If the Wall collapses, the consequences are horrible. The White Walkers have a clear path to Westeros. This would be the beginning of the second Long Night, and we would need Azor Ahai to make an appearance pretty quick. This could be the thing that unites Westeros against a common enemy. The only problem with that is most of the continent still doesn’t believe White Walkers exist, and probably won’t until it is too late. News of the wall falling might be that wake up call – but if the wall’s down, it might already be too late.

The White Walkers spell doom for every living person in Westeros. Really though, Season 6 seems fairly early for the White Walkers to invade Westeros. That would mean we have twenty hours of television dealing almost exclusively with that problem. Certainly Season 8, the potentially final season, needs the White Walkers to finally attack Westeros, but doesn’t starting their invasion in Season 6 seem too early? The Wall could come down next year, or it could happen in Season 7. Likely at some point it will happen. That seems to be the only reason to even introduce the concept that the Wall could fall.

The horn is actually on the book cover.

The horn is actually on the book cover.

Book six of A Song of Ice and Fire titled The Winds of Winter is not yet published, but we have a book cover. See anything familiar? Chances are the Horn will be a major plot point in the next book. If it is then it makes sense to bring it into the show. A mark in favor of the war-horn from the Fist of the First Men being the Horn of Winter, the Horn on the cover looks a lot like the war-horn on the show.

But does the show really need the Horn at all? Couldn’t the White Walkers just destroy the Wall on their own? If the Horn being blown is an accident it should be cut completely. If there is some reason, a bizarre political strategy, an alliance with the White Walkers, etc., then by all means use it, but it seems late in the game to start talking about the Horn of Winter, without a hint of it before now. The destruction of the Wall is the ultimate blow to Westeros, and the perfect end of Act 2 for the series. Even just imagining it gives us chills. Winter is Coming, and we know what comes with it. Game of Thrones returns in April…

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