Is the New Spider-Man Movie Set During Civil War?

Will we see more of Peter being torn between Cap and Iron Man?

Could this be his new costume?

Could this be his new costume?

Ever since Marvel made a deal with Sony to acquire the rights back to one of it’s biggest characters, Spider-Man, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding his appearance in Captain America: Civil War as well as his own solo film which has yet to be named. As a result, there isn’t a whole lot about this film that we actually know, apart from Tom Holland being cast as the web-slinger himself.

Naturally, many people have tried to guess what premise this new Spider-Man could adopt. Will it rehash old territory with the Norman Osborn dynamic? Could we see a new villain like Kraven the Hunter?

One of the bigger rumors that’s beginning to grow on us is that the new Spider-Man movie will not be telling a continuation of the MCU. Rather, that it will be set during Civil War itself. That would be an unprecedented choice in the MCU, but particularly given Spider-Man’s “on loan” status, there’s reason to believe this could be the movie for Marvel to break with their established tradition. And beyond that, there’s actually some hard evidence.

Here are three big reasons it could happen.

3. It would ground Spider-Man in the MCU and make the new movie unique.

Ah, the lineup we've wanted to see for a long time.

Ah, the lineup we’ve wanted to see for a long time.

Sony has mishandled its last several attempts at doing Spider-Man right, particularly with their misguided attempt to build an MCU-style Spider-verse…and forgetting that the individual films still need to be good. It’s why they ended up making a deal with Marvel.

But all those failed attempts have left the general public (as well as some die-hard Spider-Man fans) with both some Spider-Man fatigue and confusion over just how, exactly, all those other Spider-Man movies relate to this one.

Setting the events of the solo Spider-Man movie set during Civil War answers all those question, and then some. How does the new Spider-Man relate to the old movies you probably didn’t see (or at least don’t remember)? It doesn’t matter, it relates to the Captain America movie that EVERYONE will have seen. Why do we need a new Spider-Man movie? Because Civil War is really Captain America: Civil War. But everyone who’s familiar with comics knows Spider-Man has a bigger role to play than there’s going to be time for in the Civil War movie, so he’ll get a movie that’s just about him – but one that will fill in the gaps of Civil War, kind of like Iron Man 3 was about Tony Stark’s PTSD after The Avengers. Setting the new Spider-Man movie during Civil War avoids the stigma of rebooting the franchise all over again, while also opening up great new storytelling possibilities that would make this Spider-Man unlike any we’ve seen on the silver screen before.

2. We could see more of Peter being split down the middle

No pressure or anything.

No pressure or anything.

In the original Civil War comic, Peter Parker took Iron Man’s side without hesitation, going as far to even reveal his identity to the world. However, once he realized the immoral actions Iron Man was taking, he quickly switched sides and joined Captain America. His change in loyalty was one of the key turning points of the entire story, but it will not be included in the Civil War film. This is partially because Spider-Man’s inclusion (via Sony) came a little too late, but partially because this is a Captain America movie, not an Avengers movie. The focus is on Cap, his old friend Bucky, and his new nemesis Iron Man. Throw in Black Panther as a key figure due to the revamped inciting incident that stars Civil War, and you’ve got a full movie already.

By setting the Spider-Man movie’s events during Civil War, however, they could fix this and give the enormously complex Spider-Man subplot its due. We would naturally be spending a lot, if not all of our time with the character, so we would have plenty of room to see him deciding whether to make allegiance with Iron Man or Captain America, and how it affects his teenage self (another change from the comics that arguably makes the character more interesting).

1. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have already hinted at being in the film

Not sitting this one out, Cap.

Not sitting this one out, Cap.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans both confirmed that they would be filming in Atlanta after they were finished with Civil War. Coincidentally, Atlanta is the same location where the new Spider-Man movie is set to film as well. None of the other upcoming MCU films are filming in Atlanta either, and it’s too early for the start of Avengers: Infinity War. So unless the stars are shooting some VERY late pick ups for Civil War (admittedly, not entirely unheard of for Marvel) it’s all but confirmed that Iron Man and Cap will show up for Spider-Man’s solo adventure.

See where I’m going with this? If those two will be in the new Spider-Man, it almost makes too much sense that it would be set during Civil War. The reasons Spidey would be interacting with both of them are just too few otherwise. Seriously, is there a better reason to include Iron Man and Captain America?

Spider-Man: The Aftermath of Civil War

He was so calm despite having revealed his identity to the entire world.

He was so calm despite having revealed his identity to the entire world.

Keep in mind that this is all speculative. Despite that, it seems like all of the right pieces are in place for them to give us Civil War from Spider-Man’s point of view, which would be fantastic concerning the injustice that he will only be in Captain America: Civil War for a few scenes. Personally, I think this would be a smart move by Sony and Marvel, but of course we’ll find out when the film releases in 2017. Until then, keep checking back with us for more news on the new Spider-Man film and Captain America: Civil War as well. We’re thinking Bucky could take up Cap’s mantle in the end of it all.

Do you like the idea of Spider-Man’s film being set during Civil War? Would you rather see him go on his own adventure? Let us know down in the comments, or give us a response on Twitter at @NewRockstars.

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