The Sisters Star Wars Parody is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Stop whatever you’re doing, this is worth it for any fan of Star Wars, SNL, or having fun.

sisters star wars parody

The behind-the-scenes video that Star Wars: The Force Awakens shown at Comic-Con this last year is edited in a very particular style. Although for longtime Star Wars fans it’s very cool – and meant to inspire confidence in a generation burned by the prequel trilogy – it is a little weird how much focus is on the technology of the film. “Real sets. Practical effects.” It’s almost like the promo is touting the work of a filmmaking 101 class.

Clearly, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler thought it was a little funny, too.

If you need a refresher on the Star Wars Comic-Con promo, it’s over here, but Fey and Poehler’s new comedy Sisters has replicated it so perfectly (with plenty of help from Maya Rudolph and others) you almost don’t need to watch the original.

Sisters looks hilarious, but it has the unenviable task of opening the exact same day as The Force Awakens hits theaters. Pretty much every other major movie has made space for Star Wars, but apparently Universal Pictures figured that, hey, not everyone could get tickets opening weekend. Right?

Which leads us to maybe the best part of the entire trailer (and there are a bunch to pick from): the announcement of #YouCanSeeThemBoth. Pretty sly, Sisters, pretty sly.