Who are the TNT Titans Characters? 4 Questions about the New Series Answered

Titans will feature a former Robin and a former Batgirl starting their own team outside of Batman’s shadow. What can viewers expect?

DC’s properties seem to be popping up all over the place lately. First there was Arrow and The Flash on CW. Then there was Gotham on Fox. Then Supergirl came to CBS. Soon we’ll have Legends of Tomorrow joining CW’s burgeoning shared universe. And after that? Well, TNT has a show in development based on the Teen Titans team, but perhaps because it’s TNT and perhaps because calling anything “teen” means it’s instantly taken less seriously, they’re dropping the first part of the name and just calling the show Titans.

4. Who Are The Titans?

TNT Titans Characters nightwing

The Teen Titans first appeared by name in DC Comics’ The Brave and the Bold #60, though members Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad joined forces several issues earlier. The addition of Wonder Girl cemented them as a team and formed the basis of a group that would initially tackle kid-sized threats and D-list villains. But the Teen Titans would evolve over the years to incorporate original characters alongside the sidekicks and spin-offs of DC’s big guns. The members grew up as well, dropping the “teen” moniker in later incarnations and tackling more complex issues to reflect the maturation of its members.

TNT is currently producing Titans, based on the post-Robin career of Dick Grayson, who attempts to distance himself from Batman by assuming the moniker of Nightwing and working alongside a new set of heroes. Barbara Gordon will also be a central character in the role of Oracle, a former Batgirl who was paralyzed by the Joker and now works as an information gatherer and tactician for her teammates. Starfire and Raven, mainstays from the comics and known to many fans from the Teen Titans animated series, will round out the team alongside lesser-known heroes Hawk and Dove.


She's also super-tall and orange.

She’s also super-tall and orange.

Starfire is an alien princess from the planet Tamaran who escaped to Earth after her home planet was conquered and enslaved due to the actions of her sister Blackfire. Capable of flight, as well as energy absorption and projection, Starfire possesses the flashiest power set of the Titans cast.


TNT Titans Characters raven

Raven is the half-human daughter of the demon Trigon, an inter-dimensional being of immense power. A fraction of this power was passed onto Raven, granting her a multitude of mystical abilities including telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, and sorcery.  While Raven is incredibly powerful in her own right, she must keep her emotions in check to avoid being consumed by her own demonic side.

Hawk and Dove

TNT Titans Characters hawk and dove

Hawk and Dove have gone through numerous incarnations (and genders) in comics, though Titans will see the two set up as a romantic pairing. The duo represents contrasting ideologies, with Hawk being combative and hot-tempered, while Dove is diplomatic and thoughtful. The two receive their powers from the Lords of Chaos and Order, another group of supernatural beings. When in the presence of danger, whether to themselves or others, Hawk and Dove are able to gain enhanced senses and physical abilities. In addition, Dove is able to predict other people’s behavior, and her presence is essential to keep Hawk’s anger from consuming him. In order to fully utilize their powers, the two must work together.

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