Who are the TNT Titans Characters? 4 Questions about the New Series Answered

3. How’s It Different Than The Comics?

If you’re trying to start fresh, maybe stop getting bats to follow you.

While no changes to the characters have been confirmed, adjustments are to be expected. Starfire and Raven will likely have their powers toned down for television, and a human disguise for Starfire would eliminate the need to keep an actress painted orange every week. The enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and senses of Hawk and Dove are less special effects-intensive, making them easy for adaptation.

More problematic is Nightwing’s strained relationship with Batman that causes him to sever ties with his mentor and create a new identity outside of the Dark Knight’s shadow. Crossovers and cameos happen regularly in comics, where characters aren’t bound by the rules of ordinary travel or the need to ever sleep. With Batman serving as a key figure in the backstories of both Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, his effect on Titans, even if Batman never shows up in person, could potentially overshadow the Titans themselves and distract from the team dynamic. Oracle’s comic book history is also tied heavily into the Joker, as well as her relationship to Gotham City’s police commissioner Jim Gordon (Oracle is usually as his daughter, sometimes as his niece).

Definitely adapt this picture, though.

Definitely adapt this picture, though.

Batman’s popularity and familiarity to audiences, along with that of his villains and supporting characters, could act as an easy entry point to Titans for casual viewers. Their connection to Batman and Gotham makes Nightwing and Oracle more identifiable to the audience. Still, adapting too many well known Batman characters for Titans appearances could distract from the original premise of the show and lead to viewers focusing on a possible Batman appearance instead of on the Titans themselves. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson can’t be removed from the Batman mythos without majorly redefining their characters, but hopefully Titans will downplay that connection.

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