Who are the TNT Titans Characters? 4 Questions about the New Series Answered

2. What villains will we see?

The people deserve Killer Moth.

Titans would be an excellent place to showcase villains like Killer Moth (who was also a major threat on the Teen Titans animated series, but generally a low-tier Bat villain) and the Jason Todd version of the Red Hood, another former Robin whose sidekick career ended with his own death (he recovered via Lazarus Pit). In the comics, Jason Todd was even murdered by the Joker, giving him a connection to both Nightwing and Oracle. Red Hood is Nightwing’s twisted reflection and an excellent foil for the Titans leader. Hawk and Dove also have villainous doppelgangers in Condor and Swan, a pair of evil counterparts with similar powers to their own. Blackfire would serve as a personal nemesis for Starfire, adding a galactic scale to Titans and keeping Starfire tied to her alien origins, even if she’s made earth her adopted home.

The most powerful villain the Titans have faced is Raven’s demonic father Trigon the Terrible. As a mystic entity, Trigon can work his influence through followers without appearing himself. In the comics, Trigon is worshiped by a cult called the Church of Blood, led by another recurring villain named Brother Blood, a cult leader with vampiric abilities. Given the scale of Trigon’s power, he would make for a major villain, particularly with his minions to keep the Titans busy when he isn’t around. As an arch-villain for one or multiple seasons, they don’t come any bigger.

It's important to remember that Red Hood took the time to get red guns.

It’s important to remember that Red Hood took the time to get red guns.

And there’s still Deathstroke, the villain with the longest history of battling the Titans. Deathstroke is DC Comics’ foremost mercenary. He first crossed paths with the team shortly after his son, Ravager, died in pursuit of a contract against them. Out of a warped sense of honor, Deathstroke took on the contract himself and vowed revenge against the heroes. Throughout the years he’s battled the team with a combination of skill, cunning, and ruthlessness, going so far as to have his associate Terra join the team in order to learn their secret identities. The character was a major threat in the Teen Titans animated series as Slade, and has served as a villain on Arrow as well. Of course, his appearance on Arrow raises another question.

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