Top 5 Batman v Superman Fan Made Trailers on YouTube

#1 is should have been the real trailer.

Batman v Superman Fan Made Trailers title characters

Whether you’ve loved them or hated them, the trailers we’ve had for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice have caused quite a stir. Particularly this most recent one.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There have been some great parts to each trailer, and there’s still lots of hope for the new movie and the epic showdown that’s coming between its title characters.

So to celebrate, we’ve combed YouTube for the best Batman v. Superman fan made trailers out there. And we found a lot that deliver the goods.

We’re looking for some serious reworking of existing material. We absolutely loved a recent fan edit of the new trailer that improved its pacing and took out several spoilers that would have been better saved for the movie itself. But push comes to shove, and we’re looking for even more than that. Some real dedication. Fans, this is for you. the Top 5 Batman v Superman Fan Made Trailers on YouTube!

#5 – Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Animated Trailer

Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series were formative for many of us. They might not have been our introduction to the characters, but they were definitely some of the best renditions in any medium, comics, TV, or film. So it almost makes too much sense that our countdown begins with a trailer that overlays Batman v Superman audio onto clips from the classic shows – including title cards in a perfect show-inspired font. The logos overlay perfectly, and it even pulls in a shot from Batman Beyond to give us an older Bruce Wayne.

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