Top 5 Batman v Superman Fan Made Trailers on YouTube

#1 – Batman v Superman “Trinity” Theatrical Trailer

One of the biggest selling points of Batman v Superman isn’t just the two title characters, but the inclusion of Wonder Woman as well. The three make up the so-called “trinity” of DC – their three most popular and iconic heroes. Our top pick for the very best fan made Batman v Superman trailer on YouTube puts the spotlight on the strength of DC’s trinity.

What stands out about this fan made trailer isn’t just the top notch sound and editing work, but the haunting, sad tone the first half of the trailer draws out. We hear the competing ideologies given voice, and know that they should be working together. Yet conflict seems unavoidable. And as the music and the trailer pick up momentum, we see them prepare to face off. The trailer is brilliant because it teases so much while revealing so little. There’s even a shot that suggests Superman and Wonder Woman fight each other. Thumbs up for some well-crafted misdirection.

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