Will We Ever See Superman or Batman on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow?

Who are the “Men of Steel” and the “Dark Knights” that Rip Hunter has seen die? Will we see Batman on The Flash or Superman in Legends of Tomorrow?

Could we ever see Batman on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow

The Arrowverse continues to grow with the addition of Legends of Tomorrow in January, which will join Arrow and The Flash as part of the DCTV universe. But there are a few things suspiciously absent from the DCTV universe, like DC’s most iconic characters: Superman and Batman.

Will we ever seen Superman or Batman on The Flash or any other DCTV universe show? We have seen Bruce Wayne on Gotham, and vague glimpses of Superman on Supergirl, but those shows (to our knowledge) are separate, and not part of CW’s shared DCTV universe. A year ago we also learned that Batman and Superman were considered “off limits” to the creative folks at the CW. This could be to avoid brand confusion between the DCTV universe and the film universe or shows like Gotham and Supergirl. Or maybe DC Entertainment wants to avoid oversaturation of those characters.

So What Now?

Alternate versions of Superman or Batman on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

Then there was a moment in the recent Legends of Tomorrow trailer where time-traveller Rip Hunter said, “I’ve seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall.” Now this is most likely a throwaway line with no major significance to the story, but it’s also the first reference of any kind to Superman and Batman in the DCTV universe. Another interesting fact is that Hunter uses the plural Men of Steel or Dark Knights.

Alternate versions of Batman on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

Now that The Flash has introduced the multiverse and Legends of Tomorrow will pull in time travel, perhaps we will see new/different versions of these characters. So on that note, here are 5 extremely different versions of Superman and 5 for Batman that we might see in some form on the DCTV universe.


#5 Superman – Earth-23 Kalel

batman in the flash earth 23 kalel

Kalel, also known as Calvin Ellis, is the President of the United States on Earth-23. He’s also African American. He was instrumental in the comic event, Multiversity, at bringing together heroes from across the multiverse to help combat the current threat. Sounds a bit like what Rip Hunter is doing in Legends of Tomorrow. Maybe we could see him in a similar role as Rip Hunter in future seasons of Legends of Tomorrow.

#5 Batman – Owlman

batman in the flash owlman

Like Ultraman (a version of Superman that’ll show up later on this list), Owlman is from Earth-3, an alternate dimension that we could likely see in The Flash. Owlman is an evil version of Batman, though they have similar origins and powers. Interesting tidbit: Owlman’s secret identity is Thomas Wayne, Jr., brother to the (at least in Earth-3) deceased Bruce Wayne.