Will We Ever See Superman or Batman on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow?

#3 Superman – Red Son Superman

batman in the flash red son supeman

In an alternate dimension, Superman crash landed into the Soviet Union instead of middle America. He eventually becomes a dictator, ruling by force. But despite this, he is still a just ruler and has the same moral background we know Superman should have. He would make a great alternate-dimension hero in the DCTV universe.

#3 Batman – Flashpoint Batman

batman in the flash flashpoint thomas wayne batman

In the Flashpoint comic event, the Flash travels to another dimension where it was actually Bruce Wayne who died, and his father, Thomas Wayne, takes on the mantle of Batman. This version is much darker than the traditional Dark Knight. He uses guns and brutal tactics to achieve “justice.” Oh, and also his wife is the Joker. The Flash has already teased the Flashpoint storyline, so maybe we’ll see this version of Batman in the future.