Will Felicity Smoak Die in Arrow’s Midseason Finale?

Who would handle tech in the Arrow Cave?

"I love you."

“I love you.”

Season 4 of Arrow has been a significant upgrade from last year’s haphazard story ever since the very first episode. Now we’re in the final leg of the first half of the new season and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Oliver Queen has chosen to ignore Damian Darhk’s threats against his mayoral campaign and Darhk is taking action. A new preview for the midseason finale (coming this Wednesday) has showcased the leader of H.I.V.E. attacking Ollie at his campaign office with his Ghosts and his magical powers in broad daylight. That’s right folks, Darhk is done hiding in the shadows.

The most interesting, albeit heartpounding moment of the trailer is the final shot. Darhk chose to get at Oliver by kidnapping Felicity, and he placed her in a box where it seems like she’s losing oxygen. Ollie just stands helplessly, unable to do anything to save her. Then the last words we hear from Felicity are, “I love you.”

Now most television shows these days tease the idea of a character potentially dying to increase views, and that’s no doubt what the CW is doing this time. However, we also do have reason to believe that this time, we could actually witness the death of Felicity Smoak for real. Here’s why.

Ollie is still keeping secrets

Have a Merry Christmas, Mr. Queen

Have a Merry Christmas, Mr. Queen

For those of you who watched the Arrow/Flash crossover, you know that Oliver discovered that he had a son, William. However, in order to be able to visit him, the mother of the child forced Oliver not to tell anyone. While that seems a bit unreasonable, he obliges. He doesn’t even tell Felicity. When she finds out, though, she becomes furious and ends their relationship. But fans of Olicity were happy to know that due to Barry traveling back in time, that future is no longer in play. That being said, Oliver didn’t learn from his mistake and chose still not to tell his girlfriend; she is also none the wiser.

So why would this give support to Felicity’s death? The answer is simple. The writers don’t want to have to break up the two and put on this awkward dynamic for the members of Team Arrow. After all, we had our fill of that in Season 3. They would just be treading old territory. If they want to end Olicity, they want to do it in a way that will leave a lasting impact on the audience and the Green Arrow. To have such a beloved character be killed off would be tragic, and would potentially establish Darhk as the best villain Arrow has ever had.

Somebody is going to die this season

Sooner or later, it's going to happen.

Sooner or later, it’s going to happen.

Here’s another bit that is undoubtedly in the backs of the minds of every Arrow viewer. At the end of the very first episode, we get a flash-forward where Oliver Queen is standing solemnly in front of a grave. He looks devastated. As he is grieving, Barry “The Flash” Allen speeds up and apologizes for being late. Accrediting his tardiness to Zoom, Ollie thinks nothing of it. Then Barry consoles him.

Oliver then says to Allen that Darhk crossed the line and he’s going to die. Oliver planned to kill Damian Darhk. However, we never got a shot of who that grave belonged to. Diggle? No, Oliver looked too heartbroken. Thea? Probably not, seeing as Malcolm would have Oliver killed as a result. Laurel? Not likely either, because Captain Lance and Sara would be there with Ollie. All fingers are pointing to Felicity.

Green Arrow and the Black Canary

Pop my shoulder back into place- that's so beautiful.

Pop my shoulder back into place – that’s so beautiful.

Part of the reason could be that the writers are becoming much more faithful to the Green Arrow comics. Their next step could very well be to give us the Green Arrow/Black Canary relationship that’s been long overdue. Ever since the character was created, Queen was meant to be with Dinah Laurel Lance. If the writers want to bring this romance to the small screen, they want to do it in a way that will be memorable. Having Ollie and Felicity break just so he can get with Laurel would feel cheap and unimaginative. But if Felicity were to die, that would certainly shake things up. Then we would even see Oliver struggle with the guilt of falling for somebody else. That would do wonders for his character.

Whether Felicity or somebody else dies this season, there’s no question that this midseason finale is going to be a game-changer for Team Arrow. And it should be, seeing as how they have a very high bar from last season’s midseason finale where Ra’s stabbed Oliver and shoved him off the mountain. Even if Felicity doesn’t die and Queen is able to save her at the last minute, I will say this: prepare yourselves Arrow fans, somebody is going to lose their life.

Do you guys think that Felicity will die? If not, do you have another idea on who Darhk could kill? Let me know down in the comments!

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