10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Bad Feeling About The Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

8. He doesn’t Like Disney

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-george at disneyland

Look how sad he is

Disney owns Star Wars now, something that Lucas seems to hate (despite the fact that he willingly sold it to them). George Lucas compares the sale of Star Wars to a bad breakup and even went so far as to say that he sold his children to white slavers, ouch!

Given the strong feelings he has expressed against the House of Mouse there is not an Elsa’s chance in hell that they would ever ask him to direct a film for them. Why would any company want to do business with someone that compared them to the bad guys from Roots?

7. He Has Lost Touch With What Fans Want

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-boba fett

“Let’s take one of the coolest, most mysterious figures from the original movies and explain his whole origin stupidly” – George Lucas, probably

If you asked most Star Wars fans what they wanted out of a new Star Wars movie pre-1999 they would have said more Boba Fett, Admiral Thrawn, and the Solo kids. Instead we got a prequel with Darth Vader as a little boy and a lot of annoying robots screeching “Roger, Roger!”

We did eventually get more Boba Fett…but he was slightly younger than Anakin (though admittedly much less annoying). It took ten years after the last prequel and a new director for Star Wars fans to finally get something approximating what they wanted. George Lucas either has no idea what will make Star Wars fans happy or he just doesn’t care. It’s probably a mix of both, and to bring him back at this point would be an act of sadism.