10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Bad Feeling About The Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

4. He Gets The Worst Performances From Actors

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-anakin

Hey, I thought George Lucas didn’t use any puppets in the prequels? This kid is as wooden as a marionette!

Ewan Mcgregor, Samuel L Jackson, and Natalie Portman are all excellent actors, Portman is even an Oscar winner. Yet somehow George Lucas was able to get some of the worst acting of their careers out of them. Of course when you give an actor a horrible script and tell them to say their lines in the general vicinity where a creature will be later it’s kind of hard for them to give an enthusiastic performance.

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-greenscreen

Lucas is notorious for giving almost no feedback or stage direction, and in the case of the prequels, claimed that he could Frankenstein together the take he wanted in the editing room. You need look no further than Hayden Christensen to see how well that turned out.

3. The Whole Point Of Selling Star Wars Was To Get New Blood Involved

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-george and j j

“Remember to add Gungans, lots, and lots of Gungans”

If George Lucas were to come back to Star Wars it would negate the whole reason for selling the franchise in the first place. The man himself said “It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers,” The whole point was to get a fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe and get someone else’s ideas in there so that Star Wars could stay alive and relevant. Clearly, based on the success of The Force Awakens it worked.