10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Bad Feeling About The Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

2. He Might Never Stop Making It

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-special edition

Looks totally natural, like he’s been there all along

Let’s say, hypothetically, that George Lucas did direct Episode IX and it was awesome, exactly what the fans wanted. There’s a good chance he would still go back and ruin it by adding stuff a few years down the road. Lucas can’t stop tinkering with his movies after they are done. Let us not forget the amorphous blob that is Jabba The Hutt in the 1997 Special Edition of A New Hope. It’s not just the classic trilogy either, he’s been messing with the prequels since they were still in theaters.

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-yoda comparison

This may be the only instance where CGI was an improvement. Actually, no. Probably not even then.

An Episode IX directed by George Lucas would be subject to endless tweaking and no Star Wars fan wants that.

1. He Made The Phantom Menace

Petition For George Lucas To Direct Star Wars-jarjar binks


Enough said.

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