2016 Superhero Movies: Worst to Best

It’s the ultimate superhero smackdown – but not the one you think!

2016 superhero movies joker

We’ve officially entered the age of the superhero movie. We get news about them a nearly daily basis, and why not- there are SIX comic book movies coming out this year alone (Gambit, we’ll see you next year).

But which will be the best?

Obviously, we can’t know now, but halfway through January, we can make an educated guess. Never fear, dear reader! We’ll own up if we’re wrong, but you might be surprised how accurate we are…

So 2016 superhero movies from worst to best…


Man of Steel was a divisive movie. While it was a modern take on Superman, it had more problems than its out of context neck break.

Yeah, we’re all stoked to see the Justice League trinity on screen, but all of the formal elements of good moviemaking are question marks. Still, there’s hope: the interplay between Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne was snappy and brilliant; Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman gets more impressive with every trailer; the movie has a much more colorful and dynamic palette than MoS; and that shot of the Trinity still rules.

Bat shotgun. Rubber bullets. I promise.

But Jesse Eisenberg’s Max-Landis-as-Lex-Luthor-Jr.? I dunno…

So who knows! BvS may still be good (and we sure hope it’s great). After all, its Justice League plug sounds awesome.

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