2016 Superhero Movies: Worst to Best


Seven strangers in search of a bath.

Man, this is a polarizing movie. People are split down the middle about the movie’s appeal, grittiness, and especially Leto’s juggalo Joker, Margo Robbie’s Harley Quinn-as-Deborah-Harry, but damn, what a sizzle reel!

WB/DC wants to be the “mature” superhero cinema, and they’ve made the right choice with director David Ayer. His writer’s voice is down and dirty, he has a deft hand for theme, the guy knows how to make gripping action, and his characters are great. Just look at his resume: Fury, End of Watch, Training Day… Brilliant movies, each with a lot to say. (We only hope he isn’t constrained by the film’s target PG-13 rating.)

Suicide Squad may be a bit bloated with big personalities, and it may be too dark even in WB/DC’s shared continuity. Hell, it might really ruin Joker and Harley like everyone’s worried about, but no matter what, helmed by David Ayer, it’s going to fuel deep film conversations for years.

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