4 Things Star Wars Battlefront DLC Must Have

How EA can ensure that the Force is strong with the Star Wars Battlefront DLC…

The latest Star Wars Battlefront game has been out for about two months now, and the general consensus seems to be that while it’s a very good game, it’s not quite the droid we were looking for. It definitely has the feel of a Star Wars movie, and the gameplay is pretty fun, but there’s just not enough content to keep most gamers occupied for the long-term. EA has even admitted as much.

But Battlefront also has a $50 season pass (one of the most expensive season passes around), so DICE could be working on a lot of premium content that brings the game more in line with what fans were expecting. So far DICE and EA have been unusually quiet about what will be in the Star Wars Battlefront DLC aside from new maps and heroes, but if they want to make gamers happier than a Wookiee winning at Dejarik, they’ll plan on adding these four features as well.

4. Space Battles

star wars battlefront dlc

Exactly like this, please.

“Star Wars” might be in the title, but besides that, there’s not much else in the new Battlefront to let you know the game takes place in the midst of an intergalactic civil war. The dog fight mode between X-Wings and TIE fighters over planets is fun, but Battlefront badly needs levels taking place in the blackness of space surrounded by Star Destroyers and possibly even the Death Star itself. It’s difficult to even see the classic red and green lasers when you’re fighting above a sun-drenched planet.

If DICE wants to get really ambitious, they could even had in ground-to-space combat. This was rumored to be a feature in the canceled Star Wars Battlefront III which had a playable prototype leak online Wednesday.  And it’s long been a favorite mod for Battlefront II players on the PC. If modders could pull that off on a decade-old game, there’s no reason professional developers can’t do it with modern hardware. We’re long overdue for a game that let’s you enter an X-Wing on Tattooine, fly through the atmosphere, and blow up a Star Destroyer overhead.

3. The Return of Classes

star wars battlefront dlc

Seriously, how is the new game missing most of these guys?

You could argue that classes are somewhat unnecessary in the new Battlefront because you can choose the loadout for your character before each match, and that’s a fair point.

But classes were such an integral part of the original Battlefront and Battlefront II that added so much strategy to the game that they’re sorely missed in the new one. Adding them into every game mode at this point would probably result in major gameplay balance issues, but there’s no reason DICE can’t add a special mode for those who long for the Battlefront of old.

Given how many weapons are already in the game, DICE wouldn’t even have to do too much work to implement this. Just lock certain weapons to specific characters and play with a few variables like speed and character size to flesh out the class a little bit more. With just a few tweaks you then have a new gameplay mode that will make old fans happy and give new players a fun new mode to try out.