4 Things Star Wars Battlefront DLC Must Have

2. Much More Character Customization

star wars battlefront dlc

If Captain Phasma can dress like this, why can’t I?

Ever since Call of Duty 4 came out in 2007, leveling and unlocks have become almost mandatory in online shooters. That’s mostly been a good decision that has made these games a lot more addictive and replayable. Battlefront follows the trend with a good number of unlockable weapons and character faces, but there’s just not enough there.

It’s nice that I can make my stormtrooper or rebel look like an alien, but that’s not until I reach level 40, and even then I’m stuck with the same armor. Why can’t I customize each piece of equipment like in the past couple of Halo games? Ditto with weapons. OK, so blasters have never been super customizable in the Star Wars movies, but you’re telling me that no one in the entire Galaxy ever does anything to modify the scope on a blaster? Or tweaks it to have quicker fire or more powerful blasts? This sort of customization has been standard in online shooters for almost a decade now, and its noticeable omission from Battlefront is going to kill the player base quickly. But adding more customization to the Star Wars Battlefront DLC now could give the game a very long lifespan.

1. The Force Awakens and Prequel Content

star wars battlefront dlc

Lasik surgery is still primitive in the Star Wars universe.

The official line from EA is that this version of Battlefront will only feature characters and worlds from the original trilogy. And to that I say:

What in the hell is wrong with you? Do you hate money?

The Force Awakens is easily the best Star Wars movie since Return of the Jedi (and probably even better than Jedi), and we’re all dying to play content based on the new worlds and characters. Playing as Chewbacca is great and all, but most gamers really want to play as Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren right now. And adding in the new stormtrooper armor and rebel characters from The Force Awakens could go a long way toward making the game more customizable. If I knew Force Awakens content was going to be in Battlefront, I’d have bought the season pass even before the game came out.

Adding content from the prequels would be great too. Sure, the movies were disappointing, but most of the character designs were solid. And who doesn’t want to see Darth Maul team up with Kylo Ren to against the rebel alliance at this point? The biggest problem with Star Wars Battlefront is that it lacks content, not that it’s a bad game. But it left so much on the table from the four other Star Wars movies that there’s no reason it can’t become the game we originally wanted it to be through DLC.