5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015

From Ra’s al Ghul to Vandal Savage, CW TV has covered a lot of new territory from the comic sources and beyond. These are the 5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015.

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 1

Last year was a huge one for DC TV. Arrow finished its third season and began its fourth, The Flash sped through to a second season, and Legends of Tomorrow has been slowly building up momentum in its sister shows. With more to come in 2016 let’s look back at the five best DC moments the CW gave us in 2015.

#5 – Cisco Learned to Vibe

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 2

In the comics, Cisco Ramon is a superhero that goes by the name of Vibe and manipulates sound waves to fight crime. Fans in the know have been waiting since Cisco first debuted in Arrow in 2014 for the scientist to become the hero he is destined to one day be. And in 2015 we…sort of got that.

Cisco, affected like so many others by the particle accelerator explosion that kicked off The Flash, began exhibiting metahuman powers toward the end of season one. His power manifested as the ability to see flashes of the future (or the past, or in at least one circumstance an alternate present). While it’s not what some fans may have expected, that is technically one of Vibe’s powers in the comics, too.

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 3

The biggest treat, though, was having Team Flash actually pitch the name “Vibe” as Cisco’s super hero moniker. Even if he isn’t decked out in shiny, red and yellow body armor, Cisco is already a hero in his own right. Watching him slowly come into his powers has been an incredibly interesting character arc. (Wow. Just realized Vibe has the same color scheme as the Flash. Coincidence? I think…probably.)

#4 – Enter Zoom

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 4

I will preface this entry by saying Reverse-Flash was great. Not only was the Sallow Speedster a nearly insurmountable villain, he was a mentor and a manipulator to Barry and the team through out season one. So when I say Zoom kicked it up a notch I mean no disrespect, but…

Zoom is just plain cool. To begin with Zoom’s character design is phenomenal. In the comics, Zoom is just Reverse-Flash’s other sillier name (it’s actually Professor Zoom), so the villain is always just a guy with bright yellow tights and a bad attitude. So, when The Flash premiered their version of Zoom it was a delectable departure. Between Tony Todd’s deep, menacing voice acting and the haunting mask he wears, Zoom brings new meaning to the phrase “Speed Demon.”

#3 – Black Canary/Speedy Team Ups

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 5

Arrow has been slowly building up over several seasons to Laurel Lance adopting the mantle of Black Canary from her sister and coming into her own as a hero. Likewise the show teased in the pilot episode that Oliver’s nickname for his (at the time) wayward younger sister, Thea, was “Speedy.” Of course “Speedy” is the name of Green Arrow’s original protégé and partner in the comics, so, much like with Cisco, fans have been waiting since day one for Thea to don a red hood (DC Comics pun!) and a bow and arrow.

Season 4 began with everything we could have wanted: Black Canary and Speedy fighting side by side against Damien Darhk’s goons. It was not only great to see the two ladies finally kicking butt full force after so many seasons, but also to have them do it together made the moment one of the best of Arrow in 2015.

#2 – Hawkgirl Revealed

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 6

Legends of Tomorrow is still three weeks away, but 2015 already gave us a welcome introduction to one of the show’s central heroes, Hawkgirl. Kendra Saunders was introduced in The Flash as a romantic interest for Cisco (and boy, were they cute together). But their relationship was cut short when Kendra’s ex boyfriend came to town.

All right, that’s being a touch reductive, seeing as that ex boyfriend was really the reincarnated soul of an Egyptian Prince who was in love with a priestess who’s soul it turns out is now reincarnated as none other than Kendra Saunders. Long story short, Kendra is imbued with the powers of the ancient, magic Nth metal and sprouts wings as Hawkgirl.

Of all the heroes the CW has given us, Hawkgirl might be the most ambitious. As a fan of the Justice League cartoon incarnation of Hawkgirl, I never expected in a million years that we’d get the live action winged hero on the small screen. While fellow Justice League fans might not recognize the backstory, we can all celebrate the moment Kendra leapt from a city skyscraper and sprouted her wings in triumph.

#1 – Wally West Comes Home

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 7

I hope I’m not alone in saying that the best moment of 2015 was getting an (if rather brief) introduction to future speedster Wally West. Since the show’s beginning, the origins of Barry and Wally were unusually intertwined and unrecognizable from the comics. Iris, who is typically Wally’s aunt, is now Wally’s estranged sister. Though the ramifications have yet to be parsed out, it’s clear that having both Wally and Barry as brotherly figures won’t play out as nice as some might hope.

Of course, Wally’s introduction was a rather fleeting glimpse in the final moments of the Season 2 midseason finale, so it’s hard to know what we’ll be getting with this iteration of the hero. What makes Wally’s appearance truly the best moment of 2015 is that it is also the moment that I’m looking forward to getting more of in 2016. Next year, will give us a detailed new portrayal of (if I can plug my affection for the Justice League cartoon one more time) a fan favorite DC hero, and what’s more exciting than that?

2016 is here!

5 Best DC Moments on the CW in 2015 8

In fact, every entry on this list doubles as a bullet on a “What We Need to See More of in 2016 list.” As a DC Comics fan, 2015 was a banner year for television both of the CW’s shows gave us characters never before seen in live action and new versions of those we have. With Legends of Tomorrow joining the roster this year, 2016 promises even more delights for DC fans.