A New Arrow The Flash Crossover? What we Can Gather from Diggle Actor’s Instagram Post

David Ramsey’s Instagram lit up CW fans yesterday when he implied another Arrow/The Flash Crossover event would happen between the two DC Flagship series.

New Arrow The Flash Crossover David Ramsey

Yesterday, Arrow actor David Ramsey posted a photo on instagram standing outside of The Flash writer’s room, and topped it off with the hashtag “#arrow&theflash”. The Internet is now swarming with excitement over another Arrow/The Flash crossover event but is there really one waiting in the wings? This was right before he was reported to have purchased 10,000 likes on the post from none other than Buzzoid.

There’s Nothing on the Horizon

New Arrow The Flash Crossover arrow flash

Last time there was a crossover, the event served as a means to introduce a few key characters for the upcoming series Legends of Tomorrow. Hawkman and Hawkgirl first spread their wings spread their wings to help Team Arrow and Team Flash defeat Vandal Savage. It was the introduction to the main villain for the third CW DC show as well as two of the central heroes.

But now there’s nothing new to build hype for. There are no other series on the way (in fact there will likely never be), and therefore nothing that seems to need the attention of both shows. If David Ramsey’s instagram photo means we are getting a major crossover, it is either in the distance or being kept a secret.

Fresh Perspective

New Arrow The Flash Crossover darhk

Season Two of The Flash and Season Four of Arrow have seen the heroes come head to head with their most formidable villains yet. Oliver and his team have been dealing with Damien Darhk, and, even with more of the team than ever trained to fight, they can’t seem to defeat the villain. Similarly, Team Flash pushed their limits last season to defeat Reverse-Flash, and now Zoom poses a threat beyond the scope of power any of the S.T.A.R. Labs team has known.

If the two shows’ teams of heroes were to join forces again, it would likely be to help with each other’s new nemeses. If The Flash were to lend a hand to Team Arrow, Damien Darhk might be a little less formidable. If Oliver and company could lend the manpower against Zoom, maybe things wouldn’t be quite so one sided.

Personally, I would bank much more on a team up against Zoom than Damien Darhk. While Darhk is certainly a dangerous villain, he is nothing compared to the supernatural powerhouse of Zoom.

Fight Against Zoom

New Arrow The Flash Crossover zoom

Zoom, at this point, is miles ahead (running pun intended) of Barry as far as his Speed Force power and knowledge of its capabilities. Zoom’s entire plan revolves around building Barry up as a The Flash until he is at his ultimate power level so that Zoom can then siphon Barry’s Speed Force all to become the fastest entity in the entire multiverse.

Because Zoom is exponentially more powerful than Barry currently is, Team Flash has been playing mostly defense against the villain. It is entirely possible that with the extra power Green Arrow, Spartan, Black Canary, and Speedy could bring to the fight, the heroes of the CW DC universe could eventually overcome the speed demon once and for all.

Maybe it’s Just Diggle

New Arrow The Flash Crossover diggle

When the photo was posted (likely because of the hashtag David Ramsey used) fans seemed to cling to the idea that we might be getting a full-fledged crossover between the two shows. But what if only John Diggle is stopping by?

In season four of Arrow, Diggle has adopted the moniker Spartan, as well as donning new bulletproof “Spartan Suit” and a silver mask/helmet. The suit was brought into the show with little introduction and fans have wondered where the new gear came from. The leading theory is that Cisco Ramon of S.T.A.R. Labs created Spartan’s goods since he was responsible for many of Oliver’s gadgets and Black Canary’s latest tech.

If Cisco is, in fact, the mind behind the Spartan gear, then having Diggle cross over into The Flash would not only be a chance to explain that and illuminate the technology’s origins, but also to give Diggle an upgrade. If Diggle is present for an upgrade it would only make sense that he could then join Team Flash for an episode to help foil the villain of the week. And we may know exactly which villain that is…

The Hunt for King Shark

New Arrow The Flash Crossover shark

Months ago David Ramsey stated openly that he would be involved in dealing with the return of King Shark on the Flash. “…We are going to be tracking down a particular member of the Suicide Squad that so happens to be a 14-foot shark.” Oddly though, this was in reference to the December “Heroes Join Forces” crossover that introduced the Legends of Tomorrow. And yet we saw no King Shark. Was Ramsey mistaken? Did this arc get cut from the crossover? Or will King Shark still factor into this season of The Flash?

It’s likely that Diggle will still join The Flash to track down the shark monster later down the line in season two. In the comics, King Shark is a member of the Suicide Squad (one left out of the movie version of the team), a group that Diggle and his wife, Lyla, are directly linked to as A.R.G.U.S. agents. The agents will likely be hunting the shark for A.R.G.U.S. independent of Barry’s struggles against him.

Knowing how both Arrow and The Flash usually play out, I would assume a conflict may arise between who’s mission comes first. If A.R.G.U.S. wants the Shark for specific reasons that might not work well with the S.T.A.R. Labs team’s goals in finding out more about Zoom, who we know used King Shark as an agent.

A Crossover is Always Welcome

New Arrow The Flash Crossover laughing

Whether Diggle is hunting a giant shark or the entire superhero network comes together to battle the speed demon Zoom, fans can all agree on one thing: crossovers are the best episodes. It’s always a lot of fun when the characters from the rest of the universe join the regular cast for an episode or two. So, whatever David Ramsey’s Instagram photo implies, it’s certain to be good news.