Agent Carter Season 2 Preview: What Do We Know So Far?

With the season premiere less than a week away, an Agent Carter season 2 preview is in order. Here’s everything that we know about the new season so far.

Agent Carter season 2 preview new missions

New season, new missions, same old Peggy.

Agent Carter season 2 premieres on January 19 on ABC. By now, everyone has likely been catching up on what happened in season 1 and is wondering what to expect from the new season. This Agent Carter season 2 preview will touch on what we know so far from previews, photo reveals and comments from the show’s producers.

New Case, New Location

Agent Carter season 2 preview LA

Peggy is making a name for herself in the city of angels.

At the beginning of season 2, we’ll see Peggy Carter leaving New York and traveling to Los Angeles to help with a case that has the locals stumped. Edwin Jarvis will be along for the ride, but the season shouldn’t focus on Howard Stark’s inventions as much as the first season did. Just as we saw Peggy start moving on from Captain America at the end of the first season, the second season should see her maturing more as an agent, and as such won’t have to rely on Stark’s “bad babies” to drive the plot.

It also means that we’ll see the show moving away from the other plot points from season 1 as well. The guest appearance by Arnim Zola at the end of season 1 will supposedly be referenced, but no further story will branch out from that meeting of the minds. According to the producers, that scene was just a “fun” inclusion showing part of the early days of what would eventually play out in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and wasn’t intended to be a plot point leading into season 2.

Strange and Unusual

Agent Carter season 2 preview dark

Peggy will have to face the darkness… possibly quite literally.

One of the most interesting tidbits that’s been revealed about Agent Carter season 2 is that it will actually have ties to Marvel’s Doctor Strange. This won’t be in the form of flashbacks in the film or cameos in either direction; instead, season 2 will feature the “Darkforce,” last seen in the season 1 episode of Agents of SHIELD featuring Blackout.

The Darkforce will be one of the energies featured in the Doctor Strange film, and its inclusion in Agent Carter will be a casual connection between the new film and the ABC portion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This isn’t the only strange and unusual thing in our Agent Carter season 2 preview, either. The case that Peggy is brought to LA for involves a dead body that seems to be glowing. How is this glowing body tied to the Darkforce, or “Zero Matter” as it will be called in the show? We don’t know yet. It might not be connected at all… after all, it wouldn’t be the first time that mad science was running amok in the MCU. (The bits of plot that we’re aware of suggest a pretty strong connection, of course… but that doesn’t mean that mad science isn’t involved.)

Faces Old and New

Agent Carter season 2 preview Jarvis

What would Agent Carter be without a grumpy Jarvis?

A change in location will also mean a partial change in cast, though we will see a few familiar faces on the small screen. In addition to Peggy and Jarvis, we’ll also see Sousa return as he’s now the head of the Los Angeles division of the SSR. SSR chief Jack Thompson will also return, being the one who sends Peggy to LA in the first place. We should also see the return of Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark in a guest role (he’s the reason that Jarvis is in LA) as well as recurring or guest appearances from Angie Martinelli, Rose Roberts and double agent Dottie Underwood.

We have a few new characters already confirmed for Agent Carter season 2 as well. Whitney Frost, aka Madame Masque from the comics, also makes her MCU debut as an actress and the wife of energy magnate and politician Calvin Chadwick; it’s been revealed that she’s the “true power” behind her husband and is also the season’s main villain. Carter will also receive a potential love interest in the form of scientist Jason Wilkes. Wilkes is a black character, and his inclusion allows the show to showcase Peggy’s reaction to the racism that was present in the United States during the 1950s.

Other recurring characters for the second season will include Ana Jarvis, our grumpy manservant’s mentioned (but not yet seen) wife; Vernon Masters, a veteran of the War Department; and Joseph Manfredi, a leader of the Maggia crime syndicate, and in the comics, the son of the supervillain Silvermane.

The Premiere

Agent Carter season 2 preview arrival

Peggy arrives in LA as things get weird.

The Agent Carter season 2 premiere will be a two-hour event, including both the first and second episodes of the season. Both episodes will focus on the previously-mentioned murder investigation involving a glowing body, which will be of particular concern as the SSR begins combatting threats of the Atomic Age. The murder will apparently have ties to Isodyne Energy, the energy company owned by Calvin Chadwick. As Peggy’s investigation progresses, she will discover the far-reaching implications of the questions she’s asking and how if she’s not careful they could destroy her career.

After the first two episodes (titled “The Lady in the Lake” and “A View in the Dark”), the season will settle in to its regular schedule the following week with “Better Angels,” the third episode of the season. “Better Angels” will see Peggy continuing her investigation into Zero Matter and will also feature the return of Howard Stark.

Where Will It Go From Here?

Agent Carter season 2 preview premiere

Peggy’s latest adventure begins.

So far, there has only been general information released about the characters and brief summaries of the first three episodes of the series. Shifting our Agent Carter season 2 preview to speculation mode, though, we can assume that Peggy and the SSR will have their hands full with Whitney Frost, Dottie Underwood, and Joseph Manfredi. Manfredi will reportedly be using his Maggia resources to aid the SSR’s enemies, which will likely mean Dottie more than Whitney since Whitney already has resources of her own. If Dottie’s hooked up with a major crime family, then we can assume that she and any men loyal to her will really bring the heat to the SSR and to Peggy in particular.

We should see Peggy becoming more independent and confident in her role as well, since being sent to the west coast suggests that those in power are finally starting to take her seriously (at least to an extent). The possibility of a new romance, even if it is tied up in a racism/civil rights story arc, should also see her grow as she’s finally moving on from Steve Rogers and developing into the woman who lived the full life we glimpsed in The Winter Soldier.

Agent Carter season 2 preview coming soon

Agent Carter season 2 premieres on January 19, 2016 on ABC.