Arrow Season 4 Return Date Wednesday! The Darhk Reality of Felicity’s Fate

With the chilling cliffhanger left from the midseason finale, fans have been longing to see what happens next for the the Arrow Return.

A Darhk Confrontation

Arrow Return 1

The midseason finale of Arrow was a doozy. Oliver Queen finally made a move on Damien Darhk, publicly revealing his name and image in connection to the Ghosts and the HIVE organization. Like all supervillains are wont to do, Darhk took this personally and retaliated against Oliver personally. The villain kidnapped Diggle, Thea, and Felicity with a mind to teach Oliver a lesson. But Oliver, ever the hero, gave himself up to Darhk in order to save his friends.

But this is not some rational, feeling villain like Ra’s al Ghul was (weird). This is Damien Darhk, so even though Oliver turned himself in, things still didn’t go his way. Darhk, having housed Oliver’s friends in a glass chamber, began filling them with gas to remove the allies Oliver had. (Darhk considers them distractions from Oliver’s potential). Always the paradigm of awesomeness, Black Canary saved the day with a glass-shattering Canary Cry, freeing the prisoners and creating enough of a distraction for Team Arrow and the police to strike a major hit against HIVE.

A Small Win or a Great Loss?

Arrow Return 2

With Darhk seemingly incapacitated (i.e. left to die next to an explosive arrow), Team Arrow indulged in their victory. After catching cold feet after his first attempt was interrupted in episode one, Oliver finally proposed to Felicity (hostage situations always seem to get blood flowing enough for romance in these shows). But things quickly took a turn for the worst for the newly committed couple. Oliver and Felicity were ambushed by Ghosts, leaving Oliver holding Felicity in his arms as blood trickles from her mouth.

That cliffhanger has sparked a lot of debate as to whether Felicity is alive or dead. (Somewhere in between? No. I don’t think that’s a theory). We here covered the top Felicity theory and then the ultimate denial of that theory by the powers behind the scenes at Arrow. But we still have to wait a week to truly know exactly what will happen to Felicity and Team Arrow.

Blood Debts

Now that Felicity’s life is hanging in the balance, Oliver is fed up with Damien Darhk. To be fair, I think he’s been “fed up” since the beginning, now he’s just angry. Angrier, I should say. Essentially, everything Oliver has been feeling and working toward this season is now coming to a head. He is now fueled by the rage of Damien’s attack on Felicity and has, as the above promo presents, sworn to kill Damien Darhk once and for all.

The question is still in the air as to what exactly is going to happen to Felicity. Set photos have shown her to be alive (though Producer Marc Guggenheim has since implied that those photos may not be what we think.) Overall, I think you are safe to assume that Felicity will make it out alive, but several mysteries still remain.

Moving Forward

Arrow Return 3

Even if Felicity is alive, there will likely be consequences that stem from Darhk’s attack. If the promotional material is taken at face value, it seems Felicity is likely permanently paralyzed. It’s probably worth noting that multiple characters have come back from the dead through the power of Lazarus pits, so it’s certainly a possibility that “permanent” doesn’t quite have the same weight in this universe as in the real world.

There are also plenty of emotional consequences that will take their effect throughout the remaining season. Oliver and Felicity are, as of now, engaged, but it feels likely that in Oliver’s vendetta against Darhk and the damage his relationships have wrought (speaking from his relatives’ perspective), he may just second (second) guess his romantic commitment.

Arrow Return 4

Of course, it wasn’t only Felicity that was placed in harm’s way in the midseason finale. Thea and Diggle were also held as hostages and almost killed. When the series returns there will likely be numerous evaluations of Oliver’s relationships and the relationship of Team Arrow as a whole.

What do you think? Is Felicity dead? Will the rest of Team Arrow be disillusioned with Oliver’s leadership? Give us your thoughts in the comments, or chat with us on Twitter at @NewRockstars!