Bran’s Back: How Bran’s New Powers Could Affect Game of Thrones Season 6

How Bran’s New Powers Could Affect Season 6 and Beyond

Bran's New Powers

Bran will likely warg into a dragon before the series ends.

We can expect that the Three Eyed Raven will teach Bran things that are related to the two powers he already has. He will teach Bran to use them in different and more powerful ways. Bran has already warged into Hodor, but it’s very possible he could warg into pretty much anything or anyone.

Daenerys’s dragons aren’t under her control; when we last saw two of them, they were chained up in the crypts of Meereen. But if Bran was to warg into one of their minds he could control them. This is a pretty popular theory and it seems like this sort of has to happen at some point. The Three Eyed Raven told Bran that he will never walk again, but he will fly. Why else would he say that? “You can warg into a random forest bird, Bran. Fly, fly away.” That would be pretty anti-climactic since that’s the last line we saw in Bran’s plot line. It makes much more sense that the Raven means Bran will warg into one of Dany’s dragons, and it makes his entire plot line make so much more sense. But what if that isn’t all he can do?

The only other things to advance in his warging is distance, and how many minds he’s in. What if Bran could jump into the minds of all three dragons at once, or jump between them quickly enough that it amounts to the same thing? If the Starks teamed up with Dany and Tyrion, Bran could help her invade Westeros. With all three dragons under control, she’d be basically unstoppable. As cool as that sounds, if it happens, it will likely be in Season 7 or 8, not in season 6. But still.

Bran's New Powers

You will fly, Brandon Stark

But why limit this to just dragons? Bran could conceivably control the minds of men and animals from Beyond the Wall, meaning he might not even need to be physically near anyone. That’d be a good way to keep his crippled self safe. The Three Eyed Raven contacted Bran from Beyond the Wall while Bran was still in Winterfell, so distance might not be such a huge obstacle to overcome. If Bran could invade someone’s mind for a great distance, and possibly quickly jump between them, he could change the course of an entire battle. He could jump into the mind of an enemy and make them kill themselves. If Bran learns how to do all this he could become the most dangerous person in Westeros.

But then add in his greensight powers and things get even crazier.

Using the Weirwoods Bran can have visions of the future, but he can also see things that happened in the past. Fans speculate that Bran will most likley have a vision of the Tower of Joy, a scene that could confirm R+L=J, the strongest text based theory for Jon Snow’s parentage. Bran could potentially reveal Jon Snow’s mother and make Jon a legitimate Stark and/or Targaryen. But wait, there’s more…

Bran's New Powers

Ned and Catelyn in the God’s Wood of Winterfell.

In the books, Bran sees a vision of Ned in the God’s Wood of Winterfell, where there is a Weirwood tree. Bran is able to make a noise that Ned appears to hear. This scene could be where the young Ned scene comes in on the show, but let’s take a minute to appreciate how big a deal this is. Bran appears to be able to interact directly with the past, or some vision of the past, through his greensight abilities, and to do it from a great distance away through the Weirwood trees.

The implications of this are staggering. He can tell his family and friends what the Lannisters or the Boltons are doing, so long as they have a Weirwood tree near by. And in theory he could communicate with (let’s say) at least some magical projection of someone in the past, like his father, about the events that are about to unfold and gain wisdom from them.

Wait, Bran is going to be hugely powerful? S**t.

Wait, Bran is going to be hugely powerful? S**t.

Bran is already a powerful warg and greenseer, so his time with the Three Eyed Raven will mean he has somehow gotten better with those powers. So Bran could become the most powerful player in the Game of Thrones. He has the power to change the future of Westeros, and might just be the next great Stark of Winterfell.

Bran returns with Game of Thrones Season 6. We know where we’ll be April 24th, hope to see you there.

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