Captain America Civil War Predictions Iron Spider – Yeah, It Looks Like It’s Actually Coming

Tony Stark’s got something Iron in his pocket. No, no A spider! Jesus, a spider. He’s got Spider-Man in his pocket. Nothing else. I hope.

captain america civil war predictions iron spider

Astute readers will have seen our previous article wondering where Spider-Man was in the last Captain America: Civil War trailer. We now know from the Russo brothers’ comments that Spider-Man has an integral role in the movie, and will be providing most of the comic relief.

There’s also all the reason to believe this isn’t your grandpappy’s Spider-Man, but the Iron Spider, as Peter Parker appeared in Millar’s Civil War miniseries. Don’t believe us?

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We learned in Captain America: Winter Soldier that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been keeping tabs on people with enhanced abilities and has been debating various approaches to neutralizing them, should they be a threat. Three uber helicarriers will do that.

"Screw Tony Stark! And everyone around him!"

“Screw Tony Stark! And everyone around him!”

Now, this article suggests that not only does Tony Stark have the list, but that he’s recruited Spider-Man/Peter Parker from it as well.

If true, it’s in-line with Stark’s growing fear and insecurities about Thanos’ impending invasion. Nearly sacrificing himself in The Avengers scared him. He dealt with the PTSD in Iron Man 3. In Age of Ultron, he had a vision of everyone dying. You better believe he’s will to do anything to keep the world safe.

Captain America Civil War Predictions Iron Spider Wave

As of now, we don’t know how long Peter’s been Spider-Man, if at all, or if Hydra’s Project Insight’s helicarriers just targeted those with superpowers. However, supposing that Tony Stark recruited Spider-Man, it lends credence to some costume redesigns.