Captain America Civil War Predictions Iron Spider – Yeah, It Looks Like It’s Actually Coming


…but it’ll be totally different.

Captain America Civil War Predictions Iron Spider Panel

Spider-Man’s Civil War umasking is a beautiful moment, and it works best because of its implicit context. Marvel’s Civil War is all about secret identities and here’s a character who’s ferociously guarded his since the 1960s. Just that one line of dialogue speaks to decades of triumph and tragedy, trial and tribulation. It shocks us, the readers, because we know how dramatically it’ll change his life.

But Captain America: Civil War isn’t about secret identities and the MCU, in general, doesn’t have them.

Rather, Civil War is about government oversight for superhero activities, domestic and abroad. The Sokovia Accords itself –which aims to do just that- is so named for the minor incident in Age of Ultron.

Captain America Civil War Predictions Iron Spider Sokovia AccordsAll of this comes back to Tony’s arc of responsibility and perfectionism. HE has to save the world from the hell HE unleashed. HE constantly rubberbands between grand gestures of defense and needing to reel HIMSELF in. Now, Tony realizes that he can’t govern himself. He doesn’t just need to sign this document; he needs a grand gesture of someone who, completely out of nowhere, understands this policy as common sense. Someone he’s groomed almost from the start.

His friendly neighborhood Iron Spider.

His friendly neighborhood Iron Spider.

Spider-Man’s unmasking (Iron Spider’s, rather), won’t carry the same weight. The context just isn’t there. However, making young Peter Parker the poster child of the Sokovia accords, who completely stands behind Tony Stark’s solution is the same kind of media spin that Tony has rocked time and time again. That’ll carry an entirely different weight, one of blind idealism, best intentions, and disregard for the larger issues. Themes that the Russos can DEFINITELY nail.

But will we see classic Spider-Man?