Check Out This Amazing Star Wars Fan Film “Kara”

More tension and drama in less than 7 minutes than in all of The Force Awakens. And that’s no knock on The Force Awakens. Really.

Amazing Star Wars Fan Film kara

Who knew Star Wars could be a hefty existential drama?

Well, ok. Star Wars is an immense galaxy where you can tell just about any kind of story imaginable. And there’s actually a proud tradition of Star Wars fan films probing every corner of possibility within that galaxy, not to mention numerous books, comics, and (now) several TV shows.

But this new unofficial and amazing Star Wars fan film, called “Kara,” might be the most affecting bit of Star Wars we’ve ever seen. Check it out.

There are some impressive amateur visual effects on display here, but what takes center stage is a surprisingly simple and touching drama about a father and daughter trying to find refuge and help.

Although the fan film specifies setting, it appears to take place during the Battle of Jakku, a major battle fought about a year after the events of Return of the Jedi when the Empire was still a force in the galaxy and well before the formation of the New Order seen in The Force Awakens. A father and his force-sensitive daughter appear to be on the run in Imperial-controlled space, making them fugitives and targets. Force-sensitive people were targeted during Emperor Palpatine’s reign because they represented a threat to his continued rule. (You remember Order 66 from Revenge of the Sith, right?)

Part of what’s so touching about this fan film is the obvious emotional toll that’s been levied on the young girl, Kara, for having to hide her gift, and the extreme danger she represents to herself and her moral center for using the Force without proper training. Although she’s able to levitate – and potentially kill – an entire group of stormtroopers, it’s clear that killing them all would come at a great personal cost. The final shot – a hand offered and accepted – is in our opinion a perfect conclusion to such a simple but poignant story.

The film was made by director Joe Sill, who also directed the music video “Take Flight” for Lindsey Stirling. “Take Flight” is currently closing in on 15 million views on YouTube.

“Kara” is a production of The Whitelist Collective, a collection of “the most talented young filmmakers in the world.  We create through collaboration and do so in an environment that challenges the status quo, leaving behind emotionally impactful, unforgettable work.” You can see more of their work here.

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