Civil War Introduces Spider-Man –The Best Thing That Could Possibly Happen

Spin a web, any size, catches audiences just like flies!

As has been reported for awhile now, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will make his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War, which will set the stage for the joint Marvel/Sony productions of the character.

What has not been reported for a while now is just how this is the best possible thing to happen with Spidey on the big screen. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good solo tale of the ol’ web-head as much as the next person, but given all that’s happened with the character and given the Russos’ plan for Spidey, we can practically guarantee that because Captain America: Civil War introduces Spider-Man, we’ll finally get the Spectacular Spider-Man we’ve been craving.

Sling on, true believers!


Attention-grabbing overstatement, sure, but Spidey’s fallen on hard times thanks to the missteps of Sony, who currently owns the movie rights to the character. Sony’s Spider-Man revitalized the superhero genre and Spider-Man 2 is still considered by many to be one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. After that… well…

Civil War introduces Spider-Man Emo Dance

The Amazing Spider-Man reboot mended some of the damage, but it was a poorly paced retread of Spidey’s origin. Andrew Garfield, who is no doubt a fantastic actor, was miscast as nerdy/punk/idk Peter Parker. With the villainous Lizard’s most humanizing scenes cut, audiences were left with a bland, plodding action spectacle that was good enough to sate their Spidey cravings, but not much more.

So Sony hired Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman to write Amazing Spider-Man 2.

And isn’t their resume great.

Apart from overspending on its budget and overmarketing itself to death, it covered WAY too much story (Electro & Green Goblin’s origins plus the fridging of Gwen Stacy), had next to no internal logic, and felt like a spreadsheet for all of the Spider-Man shared continuity universe movies Sony had hoped to establish (at the time, Sinister Six and Venom).

Pictured: Spidey at the Sony office.

Pictured: Spidey at the Sony office.

It was evident, even as far back as Spider-Man 3, that Spider-Man was not a passion project for Sony, but a cash cow. One they’d milk to death at the expense of the character and of the audience. While box office is rarely indicative of a movie’s quality (like the Transformers franchise), under Sony’s management, Spider-Man’s seen diminishing returns since his solo venture- as his movies became more and more pandering. .

Contrast that with the Russo Bros’ obvious love for the character. Just reading those quotes, I know the character’s getting the start he deserves.