Civil War Introduces Spider-Man –The Best Thing That Could Possibly Happen


BirthMoviesDeath critic Devin Faraci pointed out on twitter that we’re getting three distinct Spider-Man 2 movies, a fact that underscores how corporatized the Spidey movie making process has become. If left exclusively in Sony’s hands, that’d mean YET ANOTHER origin story reboot attempting to clear the board after Marc Webb’s two misfires.

We don’t need another Spider-Man origin story. It’s as obvious, at this point, to the moviegoing public as Batman’s or Superman’s. It’s staggering to realize that literally every Spider-Man movie at this point has had major callbacks to that origin. Seriously:

Spider-Man told Spidey’s origin
Spider-Man 2 featured dream sequences with Peter arguing with Uncle Ben
Spider-Man 3 shed new light on Uncle Ben’s death
Amazing Spider-Man expanded and complicated Spidey’s origin
Amazing Spider-Man 2 continued that story.

We get it. Uncle Ben died because Peter was selfish. We get it. Great power, great responsibility. WE GET IT.

civil war introduces spider-man uncle ben

At this point, audiences need something new and invigorating from Spider-Man. They need a Peter Parker who’s familiar to them, but who is challenged emotionally by new ideas. That doesn’t mean complicating his origin story; it means throwing life’s hardships at him and seeing how he changes as a result.

Enter the Russo Bros, stage left.